Eleanor and Franklin D Roosevelt

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Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were no customary couple. They constantly have had eyes on them especially being the president and the central lady of the United States. Be that as it may, when pieces of tattle about the president turning out to be by and by engaged with his security started to turn out there were a larger number of eyes on them than any time previously. Who even is Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt? Franklin Roosevelt was thirty second president of the US. Franklin Roosevelt was brought into the world in 1882. His father had been hitched in advance and was by then was 54 years old with a 28 year old youngster as of now. Along these lines, Franklin turned out to be extremely close with his mother, Sara. He spent the vast majority of his adolescence by his mother's side, to the point that when he went to life experience school, a portion of his companions named him a "mom's kid". As a small kid, he became associated with his second cousin Eleanor Roosevelt." Franklin D. Roosevelt was the fundamental U.S. president to be picked four terms. He was the head of the United States through the Great Depression and World War II. Franklin Roosevelt was head of the United States from March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945. He was serving administration during World War II and moreover the monstrous hopelessness. He had a great deal of disturbed occasions being president however his relationship made it considerably harder with his better half Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Who is Eleanor Roosevelt? Eleanor was brought into the world on October 11 1884 in New York City. In 1905 she wedded her second cousin Franklin Roosevelt. Franklin discovered that he had polio in 1921, after Franklin found he had Polio Eleanor settled on a choice to assist him starting now and into the foreseeable future to assist him with his political calling. "Starting there, LeHand transformed into FDR's private secretary. She stayed close to him for the accompanying twenty years, noticing his mail, nursing him through wiped out prosperity, commending his dream of a prosperity resort in common Georgia" (cox). 

Marguerite Leonard was brought into the world on september 13 of every 1898. Leonard was brought into the world in a town called potsdam new york. "… Franklin Delano Roosevelt's secretary, sustain, group advertiser, guide and possibly accomplice. "Missy," as franklin's children nicknamed her, she was so essential to franklin's life and vocation that he split the compensation of his home similarly among her and his soul mate, Eleanor" (cox). Marguerite was Roosevelt's security for quite a while and presumed to be a lesbian. "… , LeHand so awed Eleanor that after the Democrats' radiant adversity, she mentioned that the youngster work at the family's Hyde Park.

Eleanor played a major role in the rights of the African American community. On 24 May 1957 she writes that while in Texas she attended two lectures in Houston on behalf of Bonds for Israel. When she arrived, the press had asked her of her thoughts on the Supreme Court’s decision to desegregate schools. “I was glad…to express me strong feelings against violence in this issue…in our country”. She goes on to say that she had spoken for a branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Syracuse where a discussion was held to talk of discrimination against the colored people in the country. (Roosevelt, 05/24/1957)

On 8 December 1941, Eleanor wrote of her thoughts of what had happened to Pearl Harbor. “None of us can help but regret the choice which Japan has made” she stated after listing the numerous attacks that have been made towards the United States. She goes on to say that the United States now “know(s) where we are” in the grand scheme of things and that “whatever problems have to be met will be met by the community.

Another well known accomplishments that Eleanor set out to achieve was to help aid in women’s rights. Eleanor started her journey on actively promoting women’s rights was during World War I where she worked for the International Congress of Working Women and the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom to help address the devastating causes of poverty and war.  

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