Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of Franklin D Roosevelt)

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Have you ever guessed what it’s like to be a politician? Did you think most of them had it, easy living in the Whitehouse or being President? Well for some it’s not that easy. Some don’t have that power to change or speak up. Yet! Instead they find a better way! Introducing Eleanor Roosevelt! I chose Eleanor Roosevelt because of her compassion and her belief of fairness and honesty. And I hope you learn to like her to.!

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“Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of Franklin D Roosevelt)”

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Even though some politicians grow up in the Whitehouse some have their own childhood… Anna Eleanor Roosevelt grew up in a very wealthy family but still suffered from pain and loss just as a girl, when her mother (Anna Hall Roosevelt) died of Diphtheria when she was eight and her father (Elliot Bulloch Roosevelt) of a seizure two years later. She grew up in New York with a constant reminder of how unattractive she looked and most thought she wasn’t very bright, but little did she know some things were coming to change her life forever.

Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazingly good impact on American history but she had to work hard to get up to that level. Eleanor Roosevelt needed more education. As a young woman her grandmother enrolled her in a school. After graduating this school, she was happy, it had opened up new ideas in her mind and filled it with sparks, so she decided her education should go on. Eleanor Roosevelt then entered a college and a few years after THAT graduation she married her fifth cousin once removed Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Heard of him? They had six children (one of which died in in infancy). And so, they moved to Hyde Park, New York where her mother-in-law lived, and this was only the beginning she didn’t stop there.

How did Eleanor become so popular? How did she become important? Well, at around this time some women were still not allowed to vote and segregation still continued so the world had as many flaws as it does today. She decided she could make a difference. She was brave! She joined women protesting committees and teams in hopes of change and soon after years and months of hard work she was one of the first women to vote! This woman could change the world! And despite the years of depression in her childhood she stood up and helped put a stop to unfairness and wrong. Even though, she was still as unexpectant of the new things that started happening to her as she was before. Franklin D. Roosevelt her husband had recently become very interested in politics. But very recently he had been caught with polio but that only made him more determined. And after a time, he ran for president and was elected or nominated. This was around the time of “The Great Depression” and he had made positive promises of what he could do for them to find a place in politics. After he was elected as president he and his family moved to the Whitehouse. Eleanor Roosevelt then had real power. She gave much advice and directed or voiced problems she would like fixed toward Franklin. She even invited black citizens into the Whitehouse for meetings, this roused most people to think how the president’s wife could be so friendly and fair towards blacks! Even during the scary times of World War ll she went outside and traveled all around to visit and reassure injured soldiers and give them hope. When Franklin died, she realized that she must moveout of the Whitehouse because Harry Trueman, the newly elected president didn’t want to look like he was being reasoned with or controlled by her. But Harry Trueman still respected Eleanor Roosevelt so he placed her on the American delegation for the United Nations and sought peace among the Nations. She was one more step ahead!

Even though she turned out to be the longest serving First Lady of the United States of America no one can live forever. Eleanor Roosevelt died on November 7, 1962 at age 78, 17 years after Franklin D. Roosevelt died of Hemorrhagic Stroke, where as she died of Tuberculosis and heart failure in a hospital. She was a hero that will always be remembered through the ages for her good deeds and heroism. One of her most famous quotes was/is “We are afraid to care to much, for fear that the other person does not care at all” and another is “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. She is known to have had been remembered as a lost friend or companion when she died.

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my most favorite woman politicians I’ve ever learned about. Also, one of my most favorite quotes from her is “A woman is like a teabag – You can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water” Eleanor Roosevelt was truly, a strong woman, she had an intelligent mind, a courageous and kind heart, and honest and true beliefs. I hope now you’ve learned a little bit more about the life of American politicians and more specifically Eleanor Roosevelt! Maybe now your ready to learn a little bit more!

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