Field Study on Learning Environments

Mark Gregory R. Abelardo Field Study 1 Focus: School as a learning Environment Specific Task: * School Visit Look into its faculties and areas that support learning, (i. e. , library, playground, canteen). * Describe the School Environment * Prepare an observation log Learning Evidences: An illustration of a school that is supportive of learning or a “child friendly school” through any of the following: 1. A descriptive paragraph 2. A photo essay 3. A sketch/drawing 4. Poem, song, rap and others Domain: Learning Environment, Curriculum Competencies Performance Indicator: Determine an environment that provides social, psychological, and physical environment supportive of learning. REPORT: The school I was assigned to was St. Paul College of Ilocos Sur (Grade School Department). The first thing I noticed about this school is it’s cleanliness, the students practice trash segregation, a trash can for biodegradable and non-biodegradable and I can’t find a single piece of candy wrapper or any kind of rubbish on the school grounds. Paulinians do make a difference, cleanliness is next to Godliness. I can further say that the actual environment is always kept clean and is very supportive of its learners in terms of sanitation and it’s very conducive for learning. The next observation I had was the teachers who were quite patient with their students. The teachers have a very child friendly attitude but though they are they still discipline the students in a manner that is subtle. Discipline is one of the most important values a teacher must inculcate to he students; it can make or break a student. The lack of it can result to poor academic and social upbringing. Teaching discipline to students can be one of the most tedious and challenging task a teacher must go through. Therefore, I can say that teachers in this school provide a good psychological environment for the students by teaching them good values and discipline. The next part of the school I visited was its canteen because I was getting hungry and as I was going to the canteen I noticed the students were having their recess. Most of them had their packed snacks or “BAON” while some bought their snacks in the canteen. You also have to get your money change into “chits” before buying something from the canteen, me personally, I don’t get the logic why we have to get our money changed into chits to buy something inside the canteen. There is a long line of students having their money changed into chits, I think it’s a waste of time because instead of just buying their food, they have to get in line and I think it takes about 5 or 7 minutes before you can get your turn. Oh well, rules are rules, it might have a purpose and I just can’t seem to figure that out right now so I guess, I have no choice but to abide and have my money changed into chits. The food served in the canteen consist of soups/bihon/spaghetti/palabok (served only depending on the day), sandwiches, bread, and juice beverages. There is also a stall that sells MILO, a nutritious drink, a very good drink for students, something that can get them through the day. I also checked the prices of the food being sold in the canteen and I must say it’s quite affordable for grade school students. The environment in the canteen area supports the social upbringing of the students. The sight of students eating, playing and talking together peacefully reminds of the quote “no man is an island”, sometimes we also need to be with friends to gain comfort and belongingness. After having my snack I went on with my tour of the school and I checked out the library. My observation of the library is they quite have a good collection of books for the students to read and borrow. The students need to have a library card to borrow books though. I also noticed that some students are in the library during class hours so I asked one of them and he told me that he was told to go to the library to work on the project that he missed when he got absent. Overall the library in the grade school is a good environment for learning. Silence was strictly observed in the library of course. I didn’t want to disrupt the silence in the library so I went on with my tour. My next destination is the chapel; I just sat on one of the chairs to do my short prayer. While I was at it some grade school students also joined in. t’s quite amazing to see little kids with a big faith, unlike me. My observation of the chapel is it’s quite conducive to do a mass inside, I think it can occupy about forty (40) students at a time. The chapel is a place for students to be with God, so it enhances the spirituality of the students. So I guess that concludes my tour or should I say observation on the grade school department. I can therefore say that St. Paul College Of Ilocos Sur (Grade School Department) provides social, psychological, physical and spiritual environment that aims to support the growth and learning experience of the students.

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