Feed me Fashion: a Sustainable Future

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Who is Feed Me Fashion?

Feed Me Fashion is a movement that uses the connection between fresh, local growing and sustainable fashion to cultivate conversation and change in the agriculture and textile industry. It is the roots of how we eat, dress and live sustainably. We are a community of brands and consumers to collaborating towards a more sustainable future. Feed Me Fashion is Fashion From The Ground Up.


Working with locally sourced, organic farms and restaurants, Feed Me Fashion takes culinary culture to new heights. Know where your food comes from and how locally-sourced and organic food helps the environment. Taste Sustainable fibers, ethical sourcing and local manufacturing in clothing allows your trendsetting threads to be both eco-friendly and fashionable. Know who made the clothes that fit your style and tastes.


The future is sustainable living. Supporting the technological advances that make sustainable lifestyle habits and daily living possible will result in a better habitat for tomorrow. Know your place in the movement. Find Us (In Side Bar) Feed Me Fashion will be taking over CombsFest to serve up food and fashion in a fresh and dynamic way. If you see us, be sure to say hi and sample bites from one of four exclusive professional chefs. Meet Our Partners (In Side Bar) We’re partnering with chefs, fashion designers and apparel companies from all over the world to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle in how we eat, how we dress and how we live. Before Footer with appealing image behind it.

About Feed Me Fashion: Our Mission

“Feed Me Fashion is dedicated to informing and educating consumers that adopting a sustainable lifestyle and supporting the agricultural community will result in a better habitat for all.” Feed Me Fashion is a movement that provides a channel for brands that are involved in food or fashion to align themselves with the future of sustainable, organic living through including:

  • Branding
  • Networking
  • Live Events
  • Digital Content
  • Podcasts
  • Digital Magazines
  • Activations & More

Feed Me Fashion is also home to a cultural oasis for consumers to find the latest on current trends in fashion, food and agriculture. How We Eat Feed Me Fashion promotes sustainability in the food industry by working with responsible, local growers, as well as restaurants and chefs who support sustainable agriculture. The average produce in America travels 1,500 miles. Buying local and fresh can help to reduce CO2 emissions, because local food only travels 100 miles or less. Choosing responsibly grown crops will help to lessen our ecological footprint on the world. Supporting sustainable agriculture and locally-grown food also has economic, health and social benefits including:

  • Promoting Accountability
  • Keeping Money In Your Community
  • Empowering the Consumer
  • Improving Your Habits

Feed Me Fashion supports local farming, restaurants and chefs by fusing high-fashion with food in a way that appeals to those interested in the growing movement of accountability in food and fabric.

How We Dress

The clothing production process impacts the environment and global living conditions. Cotton is one of the most water-dependent crops grown today and poor work standards create a toxic environment in the fashion-industry. Feed Me Fashion works to promote sustainability in the fashion industry by working with fashion designers and companies that are: Sourcing local fabrics Using raw or recycled materials Designing and producing clothes that are durable and free of harmful chemicals Supporting ethical fashion by promoting good work conditions with fair wages and treatment Feed Me Fashion promotes sustainable fashion and locally-made clothing by making eco-friendly designs more fashionable, trendy and providing a platform to show the world.

We Are The Future

A Feed Me Fashion project or event will center around taste, evolution, flavor and the technology that makes the future achievable. We focus on bringing the best in culinary, design and creative talent together to create a memorable experience through branding, content and engagement. The connections made through Feed Me Fashion will empower you or your brand to make positive changes in the way you eat, dress and live. Feed Me Fashion recognizes that food and fashion drive our culture. We are obsessed with innovators who fit our vision. Sound like you or your brand? We want to talk.

Feed Me Fashion is powered by JacobsEye, an integrated marketing agency that also owns the Fresh District brand – which is dedicated to undertaking research on the future of food, teaching culinary arts, offering eco-friendly and sustainable living accommodations and offering farm to table restaurateurs a location for their businesses-coupled with a central “grow-pick-eat” hi tech garden for the tenants.

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