Cultural Factors Influencing Fashion

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Cultural factors shape the global marketing environment and also affect businesses in the fashion industry. Culture consist on education, religion, social statues, family and how people behave or perceive things. Culture in the U.K. can influence fashion trends and designers to create clothing that meets customer needs. According to an article on culture in the U.K., “the religion Christian Protestant faith, however, there has been a huge decline in the role of the Church in Britain since the middle of the last Century with less than half the population attending Church services or believing in God”(Commisceo Global 2019). Another example on cultural values is family, and according to the article, “divorce at one time was also unthinkable but in the last few decades it has become more acceptable”(Commisceo Global 2019). Cultural values consist on core beliefs and secondary beliefs. Core beliefs are strong beliefs we have acquired by other individuals as well as our surroundings and it is reinforced by society. In the other hand, secondary beliefs are flexible values which are open to change. Cultural factors have a major impact in consumer purchase power because it depends on customer’s beliefs and perception. Individuals use fashion and the clothes we wear identify our core beliefs, lifestyle and culture.

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“Cultural Factors Influencing Fashion”

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Cultural characteristics can affect marketing decisions in the fashion industry. This includes changes in secondary cultural values and persistence of cultural beliefs. It also includes how people view others, society, nature, themselves and organizations. For example, people may have a different perception on an organization and the organization’s views. Therefore, people will decline their loyalty toward the brand. Another example is people’s views on others. People may not necessarily agree with other people and their cultural values. Therefore, people would isolate themselves from others.

Burberry is an example of a transparent company who states their culture and values in their website for their customers, employees and partners. The company promotes equal opportunities for women, diversity, recognizes the LGBT community and workers are paid a living wage. According to Burberry, “Supporting the importance of diversity in business and society, in 2015 Burberry became a corporate member of OUTstanding, a UK not-for-profit professional network of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender executive” (Burberry). This shows how Burberry is able to maintain a pool of diverse customers from different cultures and lifestyles because they are transparent with their culture and values.

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