Japanese Fashion’s Connections with U.S.

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Cultural fashion is very unique in its own ways. In this research paper, I want to demonstrate how fashion and style is so different depending on the culture/religions. Also, how these fashion styles play a huge role in people's wardrobe even if there not connected to that culture. Fashion nowadays is so highly inspired by cultures out of the U.S. for example japanese culture, and that's what makes fashion more interesting and fun to play with. One question I have is how and when did japan fashion start influencing U.S. fashion. I think this question will help me get a closer look into the japan's fashion connections with U.S.

Every country has their own unique fashion/style senses than other countries depending on their culture. When people think of japan and their fashion they might think of kimonos. But if you were to go in deeper than japan's huge role in the fashion industry you’ll realize it’s way more than that. Japanese fashion has a huge impact on the western world fashion, which has a larger percentage than their influence on eastern countries like: china,india, and southeast asia. Japanese fashion for example, japanese fashion have a lot of unlike fashion and style senses, and Fashion creators get inspired by that and decided to put their own spin on it. Many traditional pieces of japan fashion has start meshing into our cultures for, it has its advantage of letting people experience fashion from their Cultures and incorporating it into their traditional fashion. Nevertheless, every place in the world decides to keep up with the latest fashion trends while also putting a spin on it with some things of their own culture.

This research can be influential because it can help readers understand how different cultures have a huge impact on American fashion and how the U.S. gets inspired by outside cultures. Also, how everything started and where it all began. Oftentimes, people don't know the background of fashion and how it’s inspired by other cultures and how much effort can go into fashion. An interesting fact about japanese fashion is that it was mostly starting to begin after World War ll. Finally, I hope my research will help readers know a little bit of fashion and how it's constantly going to change.

In order to know that I’m introducing as much information on Japanese Fashion influence on the U.S., I will find sources from fashion bloggers that reside in Japan and also have a passion for American fashion and how each country influences each other. Also, look at fashion designers in America and see what they have to say about japanese fashion. I would also like to find a larger source like a fashion book that talks about the different fashion in different countries. And how they all have an impact on each other. Finally, I can maybe find a interview on a fashion designer and talk about his collections that are japan inspired and his thoughts on their fashion.

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