Sustainable Development

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Sustainable development is finding better ways for doing right things for both future and present. We might need to change the way we work and live now, but this doesn't mean that you should reduce the quality of your life. A sustainable development approach can bring many benefits in the short to medium term, for example: Savings - As a result of SDC scrutiny, government has saved over £60m by improving efficiency across its estate. Health & Transport - Instead of driving, switching to walking or cycling for short journeys will save you money, improve your health and is often just as quick and convenient. Sustainable development provides an approach to making better decisions on the issues that affect all of our lives. By incorporating health plans into the planning of new communities, for instance, we can ensure that residents have easy access to healthcare and leisure facilities. Sustainable development focuses on development and growth of everyone without harming the society. Investment and an equal distribution of the economic resources will strengthen the other pillars of sustainability for a complete development. Many of the challenges facing humankind, such as climate change, water scarcity, inequality and hunger, can only be resolved at a global level and by promoting sustainable development. We are already seeing the damage this kind of approach can cause, from large-scale financial crises caused by irresponsible banking, to changes in global climate resulting from our dependence on fossil fuel-based energy sources. Even though United States has a lot of sustainability. India is also catching up to this sustainable development.

The food and beverage industry in India are evolving extremely. The restaurants trends are also increasing day by day. With the increase in population in India there are many restaurants coming and with restaurants are coming new trends. People are thinking new ways to attract the customers to them. Apart from usual fine dining restaurants, cafes, casual dining, ice cream parlour and food trucks there are many new trends are evolving. The new concept which has come up nowadays is HOME COOK. Home cook is someone who takes orders and cook from home kitchen. With the help of social media it has become very easy for the home cooks to reach everyone and do there marketing. They can also deliver food on time to the customer with the help of delivery companies which have come out recently. The other trend which is going on recently is HIGHWAY RESTAURANT also called DHABBA’S.People also search for places which are little far because they can spend more time family and friends. These restaurants are out of cities in highway where there is very less noise and every can have their food peacefully unlike the noisy cities. The main reason why the restaurant owner are looking for place which is 20-30 kms away from heart of the city and the rent of the place is also less compared in the cities. QUICK SERVICES RESTAURANTS these restaurants are loved by everyone nowadays. These restaurants are increasing so fast that there are chains of this restaurant.

Restaurants are nowadays giving more importance to the authentic native cuisine of India. In earlier times there were more restaurants with the international cuisine. While there is a new trend where more and more people are trying the Indian authentic native food and exploring the native foods from different part of the country. As the regional food is getting explored the local product is also given more importance than the foreign product. People like the traditional ways to eat and they get the experience of other state living in some other part of the country. Other than this demand of healthy foods is increasing. Whole foods are also in trend because it is said that whole foods are very healthy because they cut down the carbohydrates and gluten. Whole foods are those foods which are processed very little as possible so that's why they are free from the artificial substance. One of the latest trends in Indian food industry is vegan food. Many Indians have got attracted towards it and prefer to be vegans. Due the large population moving towards veganism many restaurants have made several changes in there menu and chefs have to create dishes which are appealing, tasty and fancy. Food products like grain cheese and soya-milk demand is increased due to veganism. Other neither people who are nor vegans also prefer this because it is very healthy. Talking about the trends the trend which has come up is the full day breakfast. People like to have these breakfast food anytime of the day. Let it be waffles, pancake, idle, dose, etc. are served in restaurants all day.

Alcoholic drinks are the most selling thing in the restaurants nowadays because people like to have alcohol when there is any celebration or they are with their friends and during normal outings people prefer fruits based beverages. People are becoming more health conscious so they have reduced drinking sodas even the diet soda. People prefer fresh fruit juices like nimbus pain, mosambi.etc are served with a slight twist. People also have to like milkshakes. The people those who are health conscious have lessen the use of alcohol and shifted towards non-alcoholic drinks. Sparkling drinks are also in trend many restaurants serve different type of sparkling drinks. Nowadays bartenders team up with chefs to maximize the usage of left over and trimmings from the kitchen which can be used in making different types of cocktails. The lemon and the orange peels are not wasted any more from the kitchen by the chefs they give them to bartenders so that it can be used. India is also growing its market in fermented beverages and the influence of the west has increased the growth.

In food and beverage industry nowadays new technologies are also used. Many restaurant use a system called POS system this system is used when the customers comes for the first time they fill their details in it and the experience and tell about the service. This post system automatically sends a message to the customer on their birthdays and anniversary or if some offers are going on. It also shows that when the customer had visited the restaurant last and what he ordered. Automated marketing another technology used now a day has made easy for the restaurants to send offer and discount coupons to the customer. It sends offers according to the area. Where different people get different offers according they have visited the restaurant. Social media play a very important role in food and beverage industry. Before the revolution of the internet, Facebook, YouTube v-logs and ‘Live Videos’, chefs and restaurateurs made it big through books and TV. Now thanks to social media they have better and more approachable ways to reach a home audience. More and more people uses YouTube instead of cooking books to learn cooking and for recipes they use Google. Social media helps the restaurants to attract people by posting pictures of food, their platting and their ambience.

Sustainable development is a development that should meet the people’s requirement without changing their present and future ability. Indian food industry is flourishing day by day and will continue to do so at a rapid pace over the next few years due to the boom in consumer spending power and brand innovation. Changing market segments are more of an opportunity rather that a threat in the industry as they push chefs to innovate something more delicious. There is a lot of competition but at the same time it enhances creativity. Now a day’s people are moving to healthy eating habits and are shifting to vegetarianism. There is a new trend of becoming vegan now days. The other important things now days are presentation. One side there is good food and other side presentation of that food. Presentation of good food in a good way is the latest trend in food service long as restaurants maintains these things the people will keep coming back to them. Social media is also the new trend because now a days people search for restaurant on it and there are many apps from where you can search and order online from it and you can share your experience of yours on it. 

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