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My culture identity comes from where I’m from and where I was raised. It all started in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Where my parents have raised me to be the person that I today. My culture revolves are family and unity. It is a family’s trust and belief method, the cultural traditions that are celebrated, and the unique holidays and events that occur in our lives

I have been raised to be non-violent and to spread peace to everyone I interact with. My parents taught me at an early age by accomplishing my goals and doing my best through hard work I could become successful in order to have a good life. I strive to do this every day and to do great

My family is very religious. I believe in Jesus and everything that he is and is about, I know that it is important to follow him and to treat others with respect and have dignity. I truly believe and trust that if you are a good person to other people and you do one to others as you would want them to do to you that you should be rewarded for it in many different ways.

There are several cultural traditions that are all unique in their own way. Each tradition or holiday symbolizes how my family is able to overcome bumps in the road and still love each other. I was raised to have manners and to be well behaved. Also, to know that hard work is important and that I am expected to put my best effort into things.

Holidays are the time a year when my whole family gathers and has a good time together. Birthdays are very important events in my family. My family makes every holiday apart of culture with all of the traditions and fun. For example, Trick or treating on Halloween, celebrating Easter, spending time with our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, wearing green on St. Patrick’s day, and of course all of the presents under the tree on Christmas morning. My parents and family continue to make holidays and traditions a huge deal My family gets excited every year and that creates my culture. My culture has made me the person that I am today, a person that celebrates life. My family has a lot of good friends and we are usually involved in community activities. We help and take care of each other and try to treat others with respects because that’s how I would want to be treated.

My belief system, cultural traditions, and special events have made me a joyful person who is fun to be around. My cultural identity has been forming since I was younger, and will continue to form as I get older.    

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