Faith and Successful Human Development

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As we enter the young adult world you hear many terms about what life will be like. We are faced with many possibilities or so we are told to expect that. Some days are those that we want to wake up for while others are those that we cannot wait to get home and crawl into bed. Being a graduate student has been a dream of mine for many years since late high school. A few goals I plan to reach through my graduate school are to open my own adoption agency, lead a path toward counseling, increase income, gain new experiences and form stability. I decided to enroll in American College of Education as a graduate student to grow as a young adult, gain stability financially, hold higher means in my career and allow myself to gain knowledge; to walk by faith.

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“Faith and Successful Human Development”

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A person’s intent toward something is when they put their entire focus into a single things to create a dream. It is the purpose behind out acted behavior and intentions. My intent to enroll in grad school was simply; for stability. Somethings I have learned about learning is that we all learn in different ways; some need to visualize, some need to listen, and some need to touch. Learning is a concept that is always growing, we need to ask, speak out, and leave our comfort zone in order to expand. Learnings is based through interactions, communications, passions, and collaboration. I feel learning needs to hold a purpose, a meaning behind what we are doing; we need to meet an intellectual and emotional end; and we then turn that around to our stories that we pass on.


God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference. Serenity Prayer Wisdom is often believed to be the quintessence of successful human development. (Ardelt, 2005). Many days of my life after graduating college in 2016 were led by this statement. While in college you hear a lot of things about how after graduation things will fall into place and take order. You anxiously await these days while you are enrolled in school, counting down the days to walk across that stage. For myself I graduated and landed a decent job right out of college in a small town in South Carolina. I was able to work within that job for a year before my husband got orders to be stationed elsewhere causing us to move. The move ended up turning down quickly after we moved to Georgia. The town we were living in was a very small and did not have much growth.

This took a tool on personal perception because I noticed a lot of friends who were receiving great jobs and starting life. I felt left out, down about the ways things were working out, I kept asking myself what is wrong with my degree here?. That was the worst part of this section of my hardship; I started doubting my degree due to being told I was over qualified for jobs in town. The best option I had was to drive over and hour to and from for work, that a lot started out at entry level jobs. I felt annoyed with this due to the fact that I was putting so much work on my car every month driving back and forth and the stress it added to the rest of my life with being gone for twelve hours a day.

First Intent

The first intent that becoming a graduate student professional would be to open my own adoption agency and run it as my own boss. I’ve been passionate about adoption/foster care for many years due to a person aspect of my life. This passion started due to myself being adopted as a baby so I want to be the one who can help change other children’s lives. I have learned through this program thus far that every environment has external and internal aspects that affect the daily live and organization of the business. The modules of educational business has taught myself that I need to limit resources and look deeper into where they are all going to create the best environment I can.

Second Intent

My second intent as a graduate student would be to serve as a counselor within the educational setting and or a child advocate agency such as prior stated adoption. The teachings of these modules have taught myself that every child comes from a different background, every town has different aspects that shape the schooling system. This will allow myself to adapt to each child or case that I may be faced with in the working field.

Third Intent

The third intent I plan to achieve from being a graduate student would be to form stability and create a greater chance of income for myself. As stated in the hardships I’ve faced, low income has been one of the greatest issues I’ve faced with my bachelors in my current location. Income sounds like a small matter when dealing with everyday issues but it took a toll on my personal image of myself due to not being able to provide for myself or husband; it started a wedge between the two of us. I plan to use the knowledge that this educational setting has taught me about proper agendas and analysis to become a successful worker in any field that I may encounter and create stability for myself.

Fourth Intent

My fourth purpose of becoming a graduate student would be to gain experience within this educational setting. I have worked within a middle school setting but with the knowledge that I have gained and will continue to gain within this degree; it will allow for myself to grow rapidly due to putting my education toward goals. This degree will allow for myself to use what I have learned and create the experience through hard work and determination in any setting I may work within.

Fifth Intent

My last intent is simply; to create change within. Companies that are strong start from the nucleus meaning we build a strong core and grow off of that. I want to be able to start that nucleus and expand the aspirations that we share. A strong company wants change to be in a positive direction; this program allows for myself to understand this. I can walk into any company knowing my knowledge is strong, my work is wanted and I am capable to handle the means.


When we make a life changing decision to enroll back into college we take on many opportunity pathways. We are structured to want to do the best that we can within our career and to not stop for anything. In some cases it can be challenging to align our wants and needs within a job and we may have to extend our education. Every job and person is different and the program allows for knowledge of diversity within educations settings and personal aspirations. I aim to take this master’s program to grow as a human, expand knowledge from within, create stability, and to keep faith by myside.


Ardelt, Monika. (2005). “How wise people cope with crises and obstacles in life.” Academic OneFile, Web.

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