Hinduism: Origin, History, Beliefs

The United States is multicultural, and many religions are part our society and it can be beneficial to become competent with other cultures and religions. Learning about other religions may help you understand other’s beliefs and values about their religion practices. Becoming competent in other religions allows you to be culture sensitive with those you work with or might encounter at a quick trip to the grocery store. It is very helpful to learn about other cultures including their religion practices that might include a specific dress attire, meal, fasts, or rituals different to yours. In this case Hinduism will be explored, according to Griffiths (2015) Hinduism is “the oldest religion in the world” (p. 340). Griffiths (2015) also mentions that, Hinduism “originated in the Indus River Valley about 4,500 years ago” (p. 340).

“Hindus believe in a divine power that can manifest as different entities… Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva” (Griffiths, 2015, p. 340). It is believed that they are the creator of the universe, preserver of the universe, and the destroyer of the universe (Hinduism, 2018). Hindus are those who practice this religion and it is not limited to a gender, age, or race. Hinduism is mostly practiced in India, although it is practiced in the United States as well. “The Hindu belief is that gods or divinities can take many forms, but all form one universal spirit called Brahman” (Hinduism, 2018). Hindus believe in reincarnation and karma is present in their current life.

According to Hinduism (2018), this karma cycle can be changed if their behaviors are changed eventually achieving salvation. Many services are performed to accomplish salvation these practices are called marga (Hinduism, 2018). Hinduism is very diverse, there are many books of doctrine used to for hymns and sacred verses (Hinduism, 2018). In India caste system is practiced each caste system marry their own. Hindus as part of the caste system they follow their “own set of values, rules, and dietary beliefs” (Hinduism, 2018). Although Hinduism beliefs do not include discrimination, it is impossible to avoid when most Indians are part of a caste system (Hinduism, 2018). In conclusion Hinduism being one of the oldest religions, it has changed throughout the years to better Indian’s society. Gandhi was a great leader of Hinduism that led India to its independence in 1947 (Hinduism, 2018).

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