Hinduism in Modern Indian Society and Culture

Hinduism is religion typically practiced in modern Indian society and culture as well as throughout history. Early periods of Hinduism were based on a caste system which was the belief of every person having a purpose. The four stages of life were the following student, householder, retirement, and renunciation. In order to achieve this rebirth or release known as moksha, individuals could do so through one or more of three ways: jnana-marga knowledge/insight, karma-marga appropriate actions/works, and bhakti-marga (way of devotion to God.

An aspect of Hinduism that I found most intriguing is the concept of moshka. I feel that I may have many questions regarding moshka, such as whether an individual aware of what they will be reincarnating in their next life, and if they have any choices in regard to what life they wish to transcend. Also, do rebirths include your memories from your previous lives? Or are you started with a blank slate? I feel that the concept seems nearly impossible to fathom as it seems that a large majority of people will have some hope and desire to be reborn into a higher caste or class, but they cannot have any of these types of desires or attachments to achieve moshka.

I feel that my own religious practices in Catholicism are focused more on focusing our minds and souls in sermons and private prayers. Although we also depict figures images of Jesus, the cross, and Mother Mary, I feel that we do not emphasize the essence of these actual images during worship as much as Hinduism. The ideas of multiple deities and Gods were other things about Hinduism that caught my attention. It was fascinating to learn the stories and meaning of each of these prominent deities in this religion.

I believe that I can apply the many principles taught in Hinduism to my life by seeking to help perform God’s work through my interactions and behavior with others. Similarly, to how Hindus can achieve fulfillment and union with God through appropriate acts and behaviors, I believe I am brought closer to God by following His example in action and in how He views the world with love and compassion.

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