Factors that Influence on Air Pollution

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Air pollution is a very delicate issue and is the fourth-largest threat to human health nowadays. Many people believe that air pollution does not have any kind of impact on their lives due to the fact that it does not affect them on the daily basis. However, not taking good care of the air we breath can cause tragic consequences to the planet and to human health in the long run, and it might be too late to find a solution when it gets to this point. It is very important to think about the welfare of the environment in every single aspect because, at the end of the day, the planet Earth is our home. It is also where our kids and future generation will live, so we must take actions in order to prevent diseases and many other issues that come along with the pollution of the air. The most important question is: what can we do in order to protect our planet?

Air Pollution is the result of the releasement of large amounts of liquid and gases into the atmosphere that cause environmental impact and human health problems. These polluting substances include industrial dust, aerosols, black smoke, solvents, acids and hydrocarbons. However, the most serious damage that Air Pollution causes is certainly towards human health. We are often being exposed to a large amount of smoke and we do not realize that many diseases, such as cancer, are related to this excessive exposure. This type of pollution is related to the decreasement of effectiveness of the mucociliary system of our nostrils. It also deteriorates asthma symptoms, upper respiratory infections, and incidence of lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Also, research shows that children and the elderly are the most vulnerable, and are often being hospitalized, mainly with respiratory diseases.

One of the biggest parts of the air pollution is caused by means of transportation. Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and all sorts of boats and planes cause two types of environmental problems: it contributes to the greenhouse effect because it emits carbon dioxide (CO2), and puts public health at risk by polluting the atmosphere with extremely toxic gases and particles. In order to increase the number of transportation, it is necessary to seek solutions that discourage the use of individual transportation, such as cars. A good beginning would be to invest more money on the infrastructure of public transport technology, as well as providing incentives to increase walking and cycling. Therefore, decreasing the number of vehicles of transportation we see on the streets plays a big hole on the amount of pollution we are releasing into the air we breath.

Another factor that plays a huge hole in air pollution is the emission of fossil fuels by industries. The presence of these pollutants in the air can cause various respiratory disorders in humans. Depending on the type of pollutant and its intensity of contact, people can even develop a cancer and have their reproductive and immune systems damaged. In the nature, the emission of sulphur aggravates the risk of acid rain. Also, other gases increase the average temperature of the earth, which can lead to the melting of the polar ice caps, among other problems that threaten fauna and flora.

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