Describe the Following Factors in Terms of their Potential Influence on Workplace Relationships.

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  1. Describe the following factors in terms of their potential influence on workplace relationships. You are required to provide one positive and one negative potential influence for each six (6) factors, including at least two (2) internal and at least two (2) external factors. Use the table below as your template.

Internal Factor Goal-Setting Positive Effect:- On a personal level, setting goals helps people work towards their own objectives.Goals focus attention toward goal-relevant activities and away from goal-irrelevant activities Negative Effect: – In an organization, a goal of an individual may not align with the goals of the organization as a whole.For complex tasks, goal-setting may actually impair performance. An individual may become preoccupied with meeting the goals, rather than performing tasks. Quality of Work Positive Effect: – Psychological growth of employees are relevant to the quality of work which includes wages, hours and working conditions of employees. Quality of work gives high moral to achieve higher profitability. Negative Effect: – If quality of work is not good then it could affect job satisfaction, life satisfaction and happiness. It have less strong, but significant association with self-rated anxiety. Leadership Style Positive Effect: – The leadership style influences directly on the performance of the staff because most of them are followers of the leader. The good leadership style creates the positive environment in the organization without any conflicts about the goals and new ideas Negative Effect: – Negative leader ship will creates unhealthy environment among the staff. Compliance Requirements Positive Effect: – It is one of the most important ways for an organization to maintain its ethical health, support its long-term prosperity, and preserve and promote its values. Compliance with regulatory requirements and the organization’s own policies are a critical component of effective risk management Negative Effect: – Every organization is unique and has its own objectives. As such, several objectives of the compliance will need to be unique as well. Organization operates in an increasingly complex environment of federal, state and local oversight. There are numerous laws and regulations that govern the activities as an institution, and many government agencies monitoring its activities. External Factor Stakeholders Positive Effect: – Individuals and constituencies that contribute, either voluntarily or involuntarily, to its wealth-creating capacity and activities, and that are therefore its potential beneficiaries. Negative Effect: – External stakeholders, are those who do not engage in direct economic exchange with the business – are affected by or can affect its actions. For example the general public, communities, activist groups, business support groups, and the media. And that is why they are unpredictable. Culture Positive Effect: – A multi-cultural workplace brings lots of learning to the workplace environment thus fostering better workplace relationship. Organizational culture can be a factor in the success of an organization. Negative Effect: – Different culture brings discriminations, prejudice and misunderstandings sometimes. Organizational culture is taught to the person as culture is taught by his/her parents thus changing and modeling his/her personal culture. Indeed employees are advised to match their “personality to a company’s culture” and fit to it. Task- 2

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“Describe the Following Factors in Terms of their Potential Influence on Workplace Relationships.”

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  1. Develop strategies with the aim at establishing and maintaining positive relationships in the workplace. The strategies must include procedures on how to communicate these to relevant people (colleague, management, external stakeholder, and work team) and how to monitor ongoing working relationships. The strategies must be in accordance with the following organizational requirements:
  1. Ban the use of all tobacco products, including chewing tobacco, from the workplace.

We know that in the world a lots of people are doing smoke. Even it has become habit of human. So in this case we cannot say that all tobacco should be ban on the work place. According to this we should be given him to limit. A specific limit provide to smoker like a separate place, 15 minutes break. Rules and regulation and policies should be must. With this help everyone will be follow this one. They will be agree this one in any condition. So this is a good way for performing work in work place. With this one an employee will be happy and management also.

  1. Maintain employee’s personal hygiene and appearance.

For maintain employee’s personal hygiene and appearance there are some ways and rules should be follow: – Wash your hands properly with soap and water Use a hand wash sanitizer Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when sneezing and coughing Bin should be must on workplace First Aid Kit should be must on workplace Keep your workplace clean and clear of food debris A worker should be clean like dress and nails. One is the most important that wash your hands before and the end your shift. You should also wash your hands before and after this activities like entering a packing line, putting new gloves, cleaning equipment and preparation surface, handling rubbish and smoking and doing another activities etc.

  1. Prohibition for personal use of company office supplies.

Every business involves the use of some sort of equipment which employees need to do their job, and this equipment is generally provided by the business. While some personal use of business equipment is realistically to be expected, problems can arise when the personal use is excessive. Rules and policies should be must. Every member should provide own password or ID card for open any door or locker etc. Without manager permission no one can open the store or any room. Camera is first important tools for cover this problem.

  1. Enhance punctuality among employees.

You should be make rules and polices Before 5minutes everyone should be reach, otherwise you should be take action regarding this Make sure before take any action you should be ask reason If every employees are punctual then you should be enhance their morale give reward and bonus etc. Because when one employee see to another employee for doing like this one then all employees will be effect and automatically they will be follow. Task-3

  1. From the strategies that you have developed in Task 1.2, apply them to the scenarios below. Your answers must describe how you would you communicate the strategies to the relevant people.

1.3.1 You are working in a warehousing operation. The company has recently instituted a “No Smoking” policy in the facility. All employees were notified of the policy change. It was not well-received. As you walk down aisle X in the warehouse, you see a cloud of smoke and then see Chris running to aisle Z. You need to talk to your colleague, Chris. According to this situation first step should be that call to this guy. Make sure conversation should be in private room. Then ask reason from that guy with politely. We should be explain that our company have already inform to all members about this No Smoking policy. After this ask from this member, is it any problem like personal depression or anything company related difficulties If he does not mention then give him to warning because our company already explain this policy. Punishment or fine can be for break this rule if he do not give specific reason like real. Also give warning to him that if he will do mistake again then fine will be more and in case a company cannot be tolerate, he can say that you can leave this company.So mostly it depend on situation, but it is also depend on rules and polices like is it strong or not. 1.3.2 You are a team supervisor overseeing a department of 25 people. One of your employees comes to you and complains about Pat’s unpleasant body and how difficult it is to work in the same area. In several occasions, customers called your attention about Pat’s large tattoo of a devil eating a rat on his forearm, which they found to be offensive. You agree to talk to Pat but considering the sensitivity of the issue, you decided to talk first to management Take the employee aside to discuss the matter privately. Explain what you’ve seen — don’t accuse Explain why it concerns you Listen to any explanation that the employee might give and allow for flexibility or a possible accommodation or solution. Be sure that the employee understands that your discussion is not a personal attack. Assure the employee that others will be held to the same standard of personal phone usage conduct. Thank the employee for future cooperation Be sure to hold other employees to the same standard. Cover the tattoo with shirt or jacket So you should be talk politely and try to understand the problem like this that everyone should be satisfy employees and customers. 1.3.3 You are a project manager and supervise a team of 10 people. It is near Christmas, and you notice that within one day the office supply cabinet has been conspicuously depleted of tape, scissors, and packing materials. Other than you, the on-the-job-trainee, Larra, is the only one with the key to the cabinet. You need to talk to ABC Institute, external stakeholder, who sent the trainee to your company. According to this problem a company should be take action against stakeholder directly. Company should not be wait for anything. A manager should be inform to all company members that nobody give information to her without our permission. In this case action should be take urgent. Rules and polices also we should be make for that one. Because if anytime another stakeholder will become the first of all he will be read all company rules and regulation then he can enter the company. This is best way to reduce this type of risk. 1.3.4 You are the supervisor of a team of 5 accountants. Your team is often late getting to work. You have tolerated it for the past year, but your workload has increased and you need all the help you can get, especially at the start of the day. With your team coming in late, it is starting to affect ability of the team to get the job done. You need to talk to your work team. First of all we should give the notice to all members that we are doing meeting on that day. It should be on notice board as well as. After this when meeting will be start then discuss all problem regarding this late problem. Supervisor must write down all views and problem for late. Then after all done supervisor must make strict rules and policy regarding this like before five minutes. Before 5minutes everyone should be reach, otherwise you should be take action regarding this Make sure before take any action you should be ask reason If every employees are punctual then you should be enhance their morale give reward and bonus etc. Because when one employee see to another employee for doing like this one then all employees will be effect and automatically they will be follow.

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