A Complicated Matter of Air Pollution

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Air Pollution

One of the major cause of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuel. The wasteful and toxic release of substances can cause damage to the environment. The amount of harmful substance you inhale in your human body can cause numerous health problems, including a life-threatening illness. Pollution has affected the environment that causes serious health issue to human. Geographically, by a large amount of chemical mixture saturated in the atmosphere, other countries are experiencing acid rain and crop damages.

Air pollution is one of the many current problems or challenges the world is faced with and is one of the precipitating factors responsible for the climatic change in the world we live in today. The scourge of ever-present air pollution is gradually becoming uncontrollable with the failure of local, global authorities and other major stakeholders to effectively address the catastrophic direction that it gravitates to, especially in commercial and industrial societies.

Air pollution is a complicated matter that cannot be overlooked or over-emphasized in any way, especially today. The air we breathe is becoming more unclean with the passing of each day as result of air pollution. We are quick to jump on the bandwagon to pontificate about the causes of air pollution and its adverse effects, but we have failed to realize that every one of us have had a fair share of a role, knowingly and unknowingly, to play in propelling air pollution epidemic proportions, and the situation that we find ourselves today. According to Roy Harrison, "air pollutants may exist in a gaseous or particulate form". These substances are sulfur dioxide and ozone. A carbonaceous particle from diesel engine exhaust and sulfur dioxide from power stations are examples of primary pollutants. (Harrison 169).

Overcoming the challenges of air pollution has been one of the major global environmental issues bedeviling the world today; this is because of its contribution to the large percentage of the global variation of climate, which has been a threat to many developed and developing societies today. Efforts should be intensified to adequately address the issue of air pollution globally through policies that are geared towards massive reduction of this epidemic. An all-encompassing approach that adequately addresses the reduction of greenhouse gases, Traffic emission, industrial emissions and other aforementioned causes of air pollution, backed with adequate funding should be put in place.

The United Nations, World Environmental protection agencies and, other major stakeholders should champion the initiative of having a greener environment that is relatively low in the concentration of air pollutants, if not totally eradicated. Individuals should also be educated on the need to refrain from such activities that are responsible for pollution. Modern age Technologies that encourage the use of renewable energy, less of combustible energy, which in-turn promotes the actualization of a greener environment and the dream of this generation and future generations to breathe in clean air, should be accessible by the world populace. Industrial and manufacturing processes, with by or end products that are gaseous and aqueous matter that contributes massively to air pollution should be reviewed with the view of proffering a lasting solution to the menace of these dangerous emissions.

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