Domestic Violence in Marriage

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This report “Domestic Violence in Marriage” directs the attention of the readers towards the horrible reality which still haunts the modern era of advancement. Mainly, the focus of the study revolves around the causes, physiological and psychological consequences and areas of concern related to violence in marriage. The researcher justifies that financial, psychological, economical, emotional, educational and moral decrement are the main causes of daily abuse of married women by their dominant husbands.

The researcher used the set of queries in the form of a questionnaire, well responded by the 40 married women from different backgrounds and professions. The methodology of random sampling was used by the researcher. With the help of the quantitative analyses, the researcher revealed that the maximum population of women has suffered and survived the misconduct by their husbands. Most of them never stood for their rights and very less percentage of these women attempted to escape. This study points out the main causes of violence and thus spreads awareness in women about their self-esteem, dignity, security and basic rights. In the next ten years, this research provides a background study for eradicating the evident causes of marital abuse in our society.

Chapter 1


In this world where everyone is accustomed with equal rights and freedom, substantial population still suffers from abuse and violence. Domestic Violence is a stencil of storming and coercive behaviorism including sexual, physical, economical, mental and physiological as well. In simple words, the violent act executed by a dominant person on a weak person is termed as violence. That dominant person may be an intimate partner or even the head of household.

It is believed that domestic violence is purposeful crime which is committed to achieve compliance or control of the victim. Globally, maximum number of victims of domestic violence is women. In some countries, domestic abuse is justified and legally correct. 85% of women are abused by their intimate partner according to various studies which directs our attention mainly on domestic violence in marriage. In mid 1800s, the legal organizations believed that beating wife by her husband was a healthy exercise.

In Pakistan, Domestic violence is one of the major public health problems and seems to be increasing with time. It was reported in 2009 by Human Rights that 30% to 40% of women have suffered some form of assault and violence. There are intrinsic and extrinsic factors both but the most common aspect of abuse against women is male dominance in family because the decision making authority is given to man and women consider themselves insecure without men. Other factors may include depression, possessiveness, unemployment and psychological issues, poverty, child marriages and increased unionization. In relationship, women cannot escape mainly because of their dependence or the fear of getting killed by their own partner as it was proved by the studies that 75% of women are murdered because they tried to breakout.

Literature Review: Domestic violence in marriage

1.2a Introduction:

Women have been the victim of violence especially in marriage from the prevenient age. The causes are variable inclusive of unemployment, possessiveness, insecurity, poverty, illiteracy, and psychological issues which lead to exploitation of women sexually, emotionally, economically, socially and physically. This is also observed in well-educated households. Domestic violence is among those horrible crimes which kill 5000 women each year. Moreover, The Medical Association in America reports that 2 million women are subjected to abuse by their partner each year around the globe.

This literature review is based on the motives of the domestic violence in marriage extracted from the work of different authors.2

1.2b Livelihood and Wealth:

Because of the traditional male dominance, there is a stress on husbands especially those with fewer resources. So, they see themselves as abortive human beings who cannot make the both ends meet, become violent and show aggressiveness towards their female partner.

Studies show that the burden on male partner is amplified when the wife is not fruitful and economically non helpful. Women in such households cannot escape because they are dependent on their husband for everything, so they bear the consequences.[footnoteRef:2] The investigation has revealed that the higher beat levels of tension are directly associated with the domestic violence because of less or no resources. Males are subjected to the increasing competition for survival on a surpassing level than women in today’s world. The failure tends to make husbands more aggressive and directs them to raise their hand against their wives.

1.2c Social Economic Status:

The studies reveal that the women who are socially and economically active are more exposed towards violence. When the socioeconomic interaction of women exceeds that of the male partner then they are vulnerable to abuse because their men find themselves threatened by the higher status of their wives. So, men find violence is the best control for such women.

1.2d History of Domestic violence:

Research has shown that the denudation towards violence in childhood leads to growing up as an abusive adult who thinks abuse is normal is daily life.[footnoteRef:5] It is also observed that the children who have grownup seeing their mothers being beaten by their own fathers tend to become more violent to their wives after marriage.[footnoteRef:6] The reports also suggests that the adults who have witnessed assault of their mothers three times a day become abusive husbands.

1.2e Characteristics of Abusive Husband:

Husbands are abusive when they have a dark background. They are more likely to beat and blowup their female partner because they are habitual of the violence. They are emotionally sick and psychologically weak and prove their power by raising hands on the non-dominant wife.

1.2f Lack of Education:

The illiteracy rate is the one of main causes which bring disastrous results. The women who were less educated or unqualified experienced more violence than the educated women. The difference in education brings contrariness among husband and wife which leads to conflicts and men find it easier to just finish it by force of their dominance.

Violence is also administered between the couples with equal qualification as both are educated and know the difference between right and wrong, the women still suffer from abuse and misconduct.

1.2g Unemployment:

The rate of unemployment increases the characteristic of violence and abuse among men which increases the risk of depression and debasement. Unemployment is the major definitive which leads to domestic violence. If women are given a chance to go out and look for opportunities and get employed then those women are less likely to get beaten by their husbands.

1.2h Lack of Moral Values and Respect:

Study shows that there is a need to inculcate moral values to men from their childhood so that they become not only good citizens but good husbands too. Those women get less subjected to abuse and perversion whose husbands respect them. Those husbands who appreciate the efforts of their women do not harm their wives. But more important point in that older women are more respected so they are safe from violence but young women are not.

1.2i Economic Independence:

When a women who is a wife of someone is educated and well qualified, she earns for the house and becomes economically independent. She gets a sense of independence because there is lesser chance of male dominance now, but this freedom of women hurts the ego of men especially husbands and get abused by the same people for whom she burns midnight oil.

1.2k Early Age Marriages:

Getting married at an early age of immaturity is another cause, which streaks women to violence by her partner. In the South Asian countries, women are considered to be a economical burden which needs to be set in order as early as possible. Even younger women are directed more towards violence than the older ones.

1.2k Domestic violence Statistics:

Studies show that 1 in 4 women have gone through emotional abuse by their husband since the age of 15.

Research also revealed that 40% of women continue to be exposed to vehemency from their intimate partners while separated.

Intimate bestiality is the major cause of mental illness and even death of women aged 18 to 44.

Children that have grown up observing domestic violence in home have poor mental and social skills.

Chapter 2

Research Methodology

This section will elaborate the methods that helped the researcher to collect and formulate the data for analysis and result of the report.

In this era of freedom where human beings are given equal rights and justice, the dark gospel truth still exists which is alarming. Domestic Violence is exploitation or abuse by one dominant person against the minor or the violence in the home defined in the modern language. It can be verbal, physical, religious, emotional or sexual. All over, the victims of domestic violence are compellingly women. In mid 1800s, the legal organizations believed that beating wife by her husband was a healthy exercise. This type of violence is the most under rated crime globally for both the men and women and defined as range of sexually, emotionally, economically and physically violent acts between the intimate partners. Domestic violence can be against children and elderly too.

Around the world specific forms of domestic violence against women include honor killings, forced marriages, choking, bride burning and dowry deaths. In Pakistan, domestic violence is a treacherous problem which has created physical and psychological distress among people. This is one of the most horrible crimes which kills 5000 women per year. Every second women in Pakistan suffers from at least one form of abuse which has a prolong negative effect on her well-being. Due to the religious form Pakistani society grasps, the women face discrimination and injustice.

Domestic violence in Pakistan from the last two decades has received the attention by constant efforts of women right workers. There are intrinsic and extrinsic factors both but the most common aspect of abuse against women is male dominance in family because the decision making authority is given to man and women consider themselves insecure without men. Other factors may include depression, possessiveness, unemployment and psychological issues, poverty, child marriages and increased unionization. Violence against women has uncountable formations which include foot binding, genital mutilation, prostitution, femicide, sexual assault, rape and slavery. Women who gather all the courage and report against the violence suffer from severe challenges.

Domestic violence is the major issue which is of great significance and must be highlighted because the impact that it has on victims can be life threatening and devastating. One can have mental disorders or even permanent denigration of body causing physical maladies. Women do not receive proper treatment of abuse because it is not considered a health matter in the culture of Pakistan. Women in abusive relationships are unable to escape due to the fear of being killed by the violator or even by her own family. Not only women but men around the world suffer from bestiality but are not considered for the reason that of fewer ratios as compared to women. A plan must be created against the curse of violence for the treatment of victims because not every human being is subjected to violence by his own will.

Population of the Study

The researcher selected women from different areas of concern, be it housewives or working ladies. Total population was 40 women, out of which, 10 were household maids, and rest were housewives and working women. The researcher selected the population randomly.

Sample of the Study

The researcher used the methodology of random sampling for the data collection. But exclusively married women from different occupations were selected to respond and take part in preceding the collection of data.

Tool of Data Collection

Questionnaire was used as the tool of data collection. The researcher used set of 12 questions, which interpreted the basic and evident reasons behind the increasing domestic violence in marriage.

Chapter 3

Data Analysis and Interpretation

This section covers the data interpretation collected through perusal reviews, surveys and questionnaire. Most of the information was collected from a set of queries which were well responded by married women from the different zones and professions either working or a housewife. The questionnaire was filled by women online and a great interest was shown by them. Following pie charts show the response which helped in formulating the reports further:

Data Analysis

Threatened to harm physically:

When asked about this specific question, women were confident to answer it while some were confused and answered maybe instead of a accurate statement. 45% of women claimed that they were threatened to be harmed physically while 40% of them never experienced such intentions.

Beats you:

This was a direct question and women were chose to be beaten often while 33% of them were never molested or harmed by their husbands.

Accused you of being unreliable:

Most of the women did not remember of being accused while 33% of women are subjected to accusation. 28% of the women were never blamed of being unreliable.

Behavior of Husband when Angry:

Any pattern of behavior which disturbs the other mentally or physically is termed as violence. This question was a key to find out the behavior of husband when he is angry or stressed to which 52% of women claimed that their husbands shout on them while 31% of the population confessed of being slapped or even kicked.

Your behavior when abused by husband:

The behavior of the victim is very important which can either help him to get rid of that abuse performed or get weaker. This question led to the important aspect of the report in which maximum number of women answered that they take stress and cry late night. Less number of women admitted that they fight back and stand for their self-esteem.

Escape from misconduct:

One of the major and important question which led to the discovery of women escaping and bailing out of the abuse. Paramount population of married women answered that they cannot or did not even try to escape from the misconduct. This summons that women are dependent on their husbands and struggle hard to make their relationship continue by comprising.


It is achieved that large number of women still fight to run their married life no matter how many obstacles they have to pass. The reports shows that abusive behaviour is not only related to illiterate people but the most educated ones too. In this modern era of freedom and equality, women still suffer from the domestic violence in one way or the other even if they are educated, employed or independent. More Health Organizations should be established to ensure the safety of women.


For Abused Women

The women who have gone through misconduct should have faith and believe in themselves. Women are not alone to bear dereliction and they should be eager to recognize the signs of abuse from the start of the marriage. They should talk to someone whom they trust; it can be friend or anyone except the abuser. Women should stand of their dignity and right, and if they cannot get rid of abusive relationship then there should be a plan to ensure their safety.

For Abusers

They should admit their coercive behavior and should feel guilty about it. Abuser must seek forgiveness from God for their ill actions. They should control their desires and nature in the best way that does not hurt their loved ones. Religious Health authorities must take a step to inculcate the moral values and ethics in the abuser’s mind and personality to raise the sense of responsibility and honor in them.

For Readers

Domestic abuse is a hidden crime but the people around the victim can play a critical role for fostering peace. The victim tends to show the gestures which should be understood by surrounding people, and sometimes the victim seeks for help when risk of violence increases. In a troubled situation, calling a hotline of violence shelter resources can reduce the extent.

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