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Steve Jobs

As a standout amongst the best business entrepreneurs, it is nothing unexpected that Steve Jobs was on top. While he did not always make the best choices, he continuously rose up to the occasion. He gained tremendous knowledge from his oversights and mistakes. Throughout his years, many business associates thought his leadership was crazy as he lead his endeavors in an unconventional manner. From beginning to end Steve made vast momentous decisions, but in turn lead to the incredible growth of Apple.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple in Jobs parents garage. They were able to make deals with local vendors to buy parts on credit to get their first order of 100 computers full-filled. This was the Start of Apple. According to the Chicago Tribune, Apple is now the world's first $1 Trillion-dollar company. Jobs' goal was for Apples products to change the way people work, communicate and live in the new technology era. He believed that is products would change the world! The people who are crazy enough to think they change the world are the ones who do. -Apple's 1997 ?Think Different' commercial. Jobs' didn't care about the cost, he cared about the quality of the product he was offering his consumers. He was the ultimate salesperson, as well as a true customer advocate. What a rare combination of attributes for an entrepreneur to possess, said David K. William a publisher and entrepreneur.

Throughout the years Jobs' was enthusiastic, passionate and fearless in what it took to grow Apple. Many of his tactics lead to many risks in the company which inevitably got him fired from the company he founded. From this point he partnered with NeXT, inc. a PC organization, The NeXT combined powerful hardware and software in ways that had never been done before Apple Computer bought NeXT in 1996 after its own efforts to upgrade the Macintosh operating system failed. After the sale, Steve Jobs first began working as an advisor but was later appointed acting-CEO, and then finally CEO of the company. NeXTSTEP lives on as the heart of Mac OS X... According to In 1997, Microsoft invested $150 Million dollars into Apple as the partnered Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer for the Mac. During this timeframe, Jobs' also became the top shareholder or Pixar, an animation studio. When Pixar was sold to Disney for 7.4 Million, by converting Pixar shares to Disney shares, Jobs' became the top shareholder in Disney!

For quite a long-time, organizations over the world have attempted to understand Steve Jobs' abilities and tactics that made him so inconceivably ingenious and successful. He not only changed the manner in which we conceive technology, he also changed films, music, retail shopping and that's only the tip of the iceberg. His abilities as a business person were a portion that the best of the world has seen. With this, Fortune magazine pronounced Steve Jobs "The Greatest Entrepreneur of Our Time" in their ranking of the Top 12 entrepreneurs. Steve jobs, a college dropout, was an incredible and successful entrepreneur from a year young age. He is a legend!

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