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Business Assignment Entrepreneur Semester: 2 Kelly Hoppen MBE born in July 1959, and she is a famous designer around the world and she started her career in 1976. At the beginning, she got the work of the actor Martin Shaw and racing drivers. Only a small shop of she took in about A£1 million in 2004(Rozhon, 2004), and her Notting Hill residence is valued about A£6 million(SPEAR’S, 2014). At later period, the Kelly Hoppen were inspired by Chinese culture and started the East-Meets-West design concept which helped her get a new level of the design(Rutter, 2014). As entrepreneur author, designer and educator, Kelly Hoppen did a successful job, and her took apart in the BBC program ‘Dragon’s Den’, a show of investment(JEWISHNEWS, 2013). There are four companies belong to the Kelly Hoppen, Kelly Hoppen Limited, Kelly Hoppen Interior Limited, Kelly Hoppen Furniture Distribution Limited and Kelly Hoppen For YOO Limited(LINKEDIN, 2015). Kelly Hoppen started her company at 17 years old, and Kelly Hoppen Limited only has 35 people today(Paton, 2007). The companies of Kelly Hoppen provided a lot of the products, one for interior design and one for furniture retailed, etc(KELLYHOPPEN, 2015). But all these companies about the design, and focus on the interior design. The company is divided to the small companies, so the managers of one company could more focus on an aspect and work more efficiently. The small companies about a brand and around one topic, which about the interior, also increase the brand influence, market share and the customers’ groups(KELLYHOPPEN, 2015). The Kelly Hoppen series companies enter a market which has verity customers’ sorts, and which only faces to limited customers. Kelly Hoppen companies design the luxury and pretty interior rooms, and expensive furniture. As time goes by, the Kelly Hoppen’s popularity increases, and her market size decreases, because of the price. Most people needs the interior design for their home, but not many persons who need interior deign want to pay the high price for decoration. So the large part of Kelly Hoppen’s customers should have wish to own a luxury and graceful home, and the able to consume the high fees for their house. But for many people, it is even hard to own a house. At the begin, Kelly Hoppen company focus on the clothes design and the dressing aspect. When the company grew up, the Kelly Hoppen adapt her ability to a wider range. The new member entered the market of the furniture, and this green hand start to show its power and gift. Kelly Hoppen’s design is different style with other furniture, and this grace and special style got the lot of appreciate, even the Chinese market started to realize the Kelly Hoppen style. Kelly Hoppen catch the needs of the social public, because of the pressure, Kelly Hoppen got the great chance. She always mentions the home should be the warmest place for people, especially the person who got tired to fight with challenges on jobs. After the furniture company, Kelly Hoppen series also reached the market of interior. And this company of interior also put the customers’ personal feeling at the first. Form these companies, more and more people agree the graceful, relaxing, warm and luxury style by Kelly Hoppen. For the market needs, Kelly Hoppen retail company issued later. And now Kelly Hoppen series more focus on furniture. Most people would like to live in a beautiful and graceful house, especially when it is a masterpiece of an honourable MBE designer, but not the every one has the able to afford that(Hoppen, 2014). As the mention above, the Kelly Hoppen style is a luxury style, this famous designer is good at the application of the luxury materials. Her design the First Class of the UK airplane and the plushest house for the rich people or respective people. That is a limitation of the market and customers group. But at the retailed online store of the Kelly Hoppen furniture also provides plenty of goods which are popular in mass and become the favorite of some housewives. The most important reason of that, is because they are able to pay for what their liked. Kelly Hoppen Companies are a series business, but not only one individual company, that is reasonable. In these companies, products designing follows the Kelly Hoppen’s main thought, but on several directions. Actually, if the products were not designed by Kelly Hoppen, but under her name, people will think about the Kelly’s honour and achievement, so they will purchase the products just like Kelly designed it. So the name of the Kelly became an advertising and a brand. Even if a half century pasted, Kelly Hoppen’s story will still attract the customers and became a classic story, some points are similar with Coco Channel. Another reason for departing the companies is because the adventures of small companies. In a small company, the staffs are easy to talk their idea and do the decision efficiently. The last reason of this because, when a big company be divided to small parts, so the products of the brand spread to a larger space, the market share and customers’ impression will both increase. And most important, these small companies will focus on their small aspects and do the plan and promotion, that is a better way than one company do a lot of various jobs. The Kelly Hoppen used to be a ‘dragon’ of the BBC Dragon’s Den program. From this program, Kelly invested some products, and it also a good way to increase the entrepreneur’s responsibility and the company’s size, etc. There is a list of the companies and products that Kelly Hoppen has invested.(KELLYHOPPEN, 2015)
Companies Products
Cleanheels Heels Stopper
PHOM A box of tea
Skinny Tan skinny tan
Reviveaphone reviveaphone
theRunningmat running mat
Table 1 The Kelly Hoppen Company like to follow the Kelly’s style, so the companies of the Kelly like her style, simple but wealthy, it means efficient method of dealing the problems.and the food results. The Kelly Hoppen also building a school for interior, so the students form the school are affected by the Kelly Hoppen. When some students became her staffs, they will keep the Kelly’s style. In the company’s website, Kelly Hoppen MBE is a designer, an entrepreneur, an author and an educator. The major direction of company is the Kelly Hoppen’s designing thoughts, the production of the company is follow the Kelly Hoppen designing style. And she produced a APP on Iphone’s market which can help more and more people to realize the Kelly Hoppen’s style(TheNewYorkTimes, 2015). The New York Times reported Kelly Hoppen as a British designer who is expending her empire to the colonies (TheNewYorkTimes, 2004). The Kelly Hoppen companies’ USPs are the same, i.e, the Kelly Hoppen’s responsibility, the honour and her talent on the design. Because of that means the customers of Kelly increased their position between their neighbors. Besides that, people also like products’ style and appearance to fulfill. The Kelly Hoppen is a kind of the a paternlistics style, because the most of the plans in the companies needs teh Kelly Hoppen to make the final decisions and the process. So the staffs need to obey her plan and design, so they van make a successful jobs. But the companies of the Kelly usually have small number of the employee, so her some time will listen to the substitutes and care about them,. So the leader style of Kelly Hoppen should be paternalistic, it is a result of the long period business running. But in the current years, especially the year 2012 and 2013, her companies’ sales are 160,000, and that’s not a good result, her customers target is a struggle of products(Rozhon, 2004). From the analysis, Kelly Hoppen, no debt, is a very talented designer and a premeditated foreseer in the business. The most successful point of the Kelly is her accurate felling of the the customers needs and did the best choice in most times. That also a proof of successful business person should have the particular able to deal with their enterprise. Words accounts: 1364 Bibliography
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