Security on Social Media

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Social networking has a lot of threats to them over these past few years. A lot of these sites like Facebook deal with security issues on their websites. In their research paper Schaik, Jansen, Onibokun, Camp, & Kusev (2018), examined the security threats that is on social networks. When people share online there will always be concern over the security issues because of what happened just a few days ago with Facebook. It was breached, and someone threatened the founder of Facebook. Security is a big issue when it comes to social networks. There will always be risks involved when people go on these sites. There are many risks when it comes to these sites and Schaik et al., (2018) discussed some in their research. Some of the risks that they pointed out were the behavior of the users.

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“Security on Social Media”

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The user would have some behaviors problems when it came to sharing information and it would be a high-risk factor when it comes to these sites. It all about the human behavior to sharing information online that Schaik et al., (2018), talked about. They mostly talked about the beahviors risk when it comes to social networking and what it will do to people online. People who have problems of their own always vent it out on these sites and they get in trouble for it. People beahivor on these social networking sites are becoming more and more problematic. There need to be a solution for these when it comes to these types of problems. People need to takes the time and look at what they can do to help solve these problem. Some people have trouble sharing online because of the internet useage on these sites. The apporach of the people using online webistes have increased over the past few years and it will continue to grow over time. A lot of these sites are being more used than ever before like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users who contact detail have been revelaed have become the subject to harassment in a the most mean ways of cyber-bullying or they might become a vicitm of identify theft (Schaik et al., 2018).

People who haved been a vicitm of cyber-bullying have wanted to do terrrible things to themselves. Cyber-bullying need to be stoped soon and fast. Also, people need to look at all the potenital danger of going online. They are some people who go online and do some crazy stuff on there because it can cause more harm than good. With all the risks out there people need to more careful now than ever before. If people take a look of all the security thefts that are out there then it cause more panic then ever before. Risk will always play a factor in secuirty measures. There are three types of aspects when it comes to information security on the computer which are confidentialty, integrity, and availablity (Schaik et al., 2018). People have always needed security is when it comes to going online and being on the computer. Privacy was also researched in the study and they looked at it inside Facebook. Privacy and security are both very important when it comes to working with social media. Schaik et al., (2018), have looked into all the risks when it comes to privacy and security when it comes to working online. There might be vaious approches when it comes to looking at the risks to having the information out there on social media. If people look at availabiltiy people will see there is always a chance of of information being used in a negative light and use for many bad things.

Techology have been associated with postive feeling have been judge to less risk and they have been jude to benfit people. (Schaik et al., 2018). People who haved these types of feeling are beoming easy to work with. There are several of statistics that have been out there that dicuss the behavior of humans. When it comes to working with people there behavior comes into question and with social media our behavior tells people who see what people do online as an example of what they are like so people need to be careful about what they don online. There are methods that have been resarched when it comes to techology and human activies (Schaik et al., 2018). Methods that have been look at many people are looking at the different kinds of researchs that are out there. There are some people who have use these methods that inculded high risks of communication to others. Risk awareness have been the subject of research of privacy and security for social media. There are so many security risks that are on social meida these days. Security and privacy go along way because there are both important to social media and they serve a purpose.

According to Schaik et al., “The main purpose of social media, information-sharing, inherently has implications for privacy: for example, whom to shre information with..” (Schaik et al., 2018, p. 284). Privacy haved come a long way since Facebook was first invented. Since there are so many risks to secuity and privacy it has become more and more important that the sites are now more seucure than ever before. There are so many cyber-crime out there that are realted to social media. There are some people who exchange social networks that are vicitms because they knowley share information that are online. There are many types of privacy that people need to be concern about. Facebook have alwys have issues with security and privacy thought the years. People need to have more secutiy when they go on these social media sites . These sites might have their own security but it just not the same as having a person own. When a person have their own personal security they felling more and more safe when they go online. There have been many different types of studies to secuity risks on social media. People are now being more cautious than ever before when they go on social media. These sites are going benyond the call of duty to secure these sites and to make sure nothing happeneds to anyone on their sites. There are so many standars and meausre to suecure a network now. With this research people will be now more caution than ever before when they go online.

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