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Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York, October 27, 1858. He was born into a wealthy family. His mother's name is Martha Bulloch Roosevelt (Mittie) and his father's name is Theodore Roosevelt Sr. He had four brothers and sisters, teddie they called him was the second of the four. His brothers and sisters names were Elliot (1860) Corinne (1861) Anna Bamie (1855). Because teddy had severe asthma he started an intense physical fitness regime. And he continued that threw life. Because of his asthma, he had to stay home because he was always sick. Also, he was homeschooled because he was sick all the time. Then in 1871 his grandfather Cornelius Roosevelt died. When he was 13 he finally got his first pair of eyeglasses. On his 14th birthday, he got a shotgun. In the fall of 1876, he joined a law school called Harvard University. His father died in 1878 because he had stomach cancer. That same year his father dies he meets Alice Hathaway Lee. In 1880 on February 14 he was engaged to Alice Hathaway Lee. Then He graduated from Harvard. On his 22nd birthday, he marries Alice. After that then he enters a Columbia law school. On February 12 their only daughter Alice Lee Roosevelt was born. Then he returned home after he got a telegraph that his mother and also his wife were ill. On February 14 his mother died of typhoid fever. A couple of hours later his wife died of kidney failure. Then he Secretly is courting his childhood sweetheart, Edith Carow. On December 2, 1886, in London, he secretly marries Edith Carow. Then in 1887 on September 13 his first son and they named him Theodore Roosevelt Jr.. then on 1889 on October 10 their daughter Kermit Roosevelt was born at Sacomore Hill. Then in 1891 on August 13 their daughter Ethel Carow Roosevelt is born on Sacomore Hill.then in 1894 on April 10 their son Archibald Bulloch Roosevelt born in Washington, DC. then on August 14, Theodore's brother Elliot dies. then in 1897 on November 19 their Son Quentin Roosevelt was born in Washington, DC.

During the presidency of Then in 1898 September 27, he was Nominated by the Republican Party for him to be the Governor of New York State. Then that same year November 8 he was Elected Governor of New York State. Then in 1900, he was Nominated to vice presidential Republican ticket. Then a big thing in his life on November 6 he was Elected vice president. Then on September President McKinley was shot while Roosevelt is hiking in the Adirondacks mountains. September 14 Theodore Roosevelt Becomes 26th President of the United States, the youngest to ever hold the office. His vice presidents name is Charles W. Fairbanks. Then in 1902 February, he Begins first of 45 antitrust suits to dissolve business monopolies. 1903 in March he Establishes Pelican Island, FL as a first federal bird reserve. Then in 1904, he is re-elected, president. Then in 1906 Establishes a lot of national parks and monuments. Then in 1909 during the month of March, his Presidency ends.

After the Presidency Then in 1909 in March he Departs for a year-long African safari hunting trip with son Kermit. Then in 1912 on October 14 he was Shot in the chest before campaign speech and he finishes his speech with a bullet in his chest. Then that same year on November 5 he lost the presidential election against Woodrow Wilson, Despite receiving a largest number of votes for a third-party candidate. Then in 1917 Four sons enlist in military and daughter Ethel serves as a Red Cross nurse. Then in 1918 July 14 his Youngest son Quentin killed while serving as a fighter pilot in France. That same year July Theodore Refuses Republican nomination for Governor of New York. then in 1919 on January 6 Theodore Roosevelt Dies in sleep at Sagamore Hill of an arterial blood clot, at the age of 60.

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