Einstein Syndrome and Late-Talking Children

Did you know that Albert Einstein supposedly didn’t even start talking until he was three? Something not a lot of people know about Albert is that he loved to smoke. He even acquired a life membership in the Montreal Pipe Smokers Club in 1950. Another cool thing about Albert Einstein is that he has an element named after him, it’s the 99th element of the periodic table, Einsteinium to be more clear. My next cool fact about Einstein is that the FBI spied on him for decades. One of the reasons for this is because they thought he was building a death ray. Now that you have learned some things about Albert Einstein you can read about his life.

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“Einstein Syndrome and Late-Talking Children”

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Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14th, 1879. One year after Einstein was born his father, mother, and uncle moved to Munich, Germany. When he got older his parents were worried about Albert’s learning ability because it took him a little while to learn how to speak, to be more specific it took him until he was three. When Einstein was in his early teens he developed a passion for music. Later in his teen years, around the age of 17 years old, he wrote his first scientific paper. From the ages of five to eight Einstein went to the Catholic Elementary School as well as Secondary Schooling in Munich, Germany. From the ages of nine to fifteen he went to the Lutipod Gymnasium and Secondary Schooling still in Munich, Germany. From ages sixteen to seventeen he attended Angovian Cantonal School in Arau, Switzerland. In turn, Albert Einstein had a great education as a child who grew to be a successful adult.

When einstein turned 21 he earned his physics teaching diploma. At 23 Albert had his very first child. In 1905 Albert Einstein developed his most famous equation “E=mc2”. In the year of 1909, he was offered his first academic position, but he turned it down. The following year Albert had another son, also his last biological child Einstein was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1910, but didn’t get his prize until 10 years later. After everything he had accomplished he died on April 18th,1955. Albert einstein attempted to get out of his last year of school, but did not succeed. Instead he finished school and proceeded to go to ETH Zurich from 1896-1900, the University of Zurich in 1905, and Leiden University of Mandrid. In conclusion Albert Einstein was a hard working and determined person who grew to be very successful and did great things in his life.

Albert Einstein contributed to society by creating many amazing inventions and by creating one of the most popular equations known to mankind along with many other equations and scientific discoveries. He is mainly known for his famous equation”E=mc2”. He is also known for his many inventions such as one of his theories that later ended up in the creation of television. In conclusion, Albert Einstein made many contributions to society, as well as making many great things.

In conclusion, his name was Albert Einstein. He was a very good learner who developed a passion for music and got an amazing education which led him to finish school. He raised a family of his own and created many things and solved many equations along with writing many scientific papers. He made many contributions to society with all his inventions and equations. To wrap it all up, Albert Einstein was a very intelligent person who inspires many people still to this day.

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