Albert Einstein Biography

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Albert Einstein grew up in Germany playing the violin and doing very good in math and science, although he was very good in school his teachers did not like him he didn’t like to show up to school on time or on some days not at all (Albert Einstein). He eventually dropped out of school at the age of 15, at that time his family moved to italy in italy he re enrolled in school there. When he was 17 he started at Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute, he was doing very good there but again his teachers did not like him because he skipped a lot of classes that lead to him not getting a good recommendation from his professors. After he graduated from college everything started to get better for him he got a job at a swiss patent office and a year later he married Mileva Mari and had 3 children (Albert Einstein). Even though he grew up not doing well in school with teachers who hated him, as an adult he became very successful as a inventor and scientist.

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Einstein did a lot of things in his time on this planet he had 2 wives, he discovered E=Mc2 he founded general relativity. Einstein took a professorship at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J, shortly after he became a U.S citizen. While he taught there he tried to unify the laws of physics, he ended up never finishing unifying those. In 1940 he had a idea for a atomic bomb to drop on germany to get rid of hitler the U.S noticed his idea and took it and used it on Japan after that he became a civil rights activist. One of the only reasons Einstein moved to the U.S was because he was jewish and hitler was out to kill every jewish person there was. In 1939 World War II had started also in that year Einstein’s second wife elsa had died.

Einstein can be considered a non conformist because, he was so different from everybody else he was a very smart man he was so smart he outsmarted the common math for that time he extended math for his time. He came up with the idea of the atomic bomb a big enough explosion to blow up 90,000 buildings. The best year for Einstein was 1905 that year he was working as a clerk for the swiss patent office, he had wrote the 4 best papers he ever wrote about the relationship between matter and energy. (Barna). When he was 42 he won a nobel prize and became the physicist who had made most of his major contributions to science.

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