V for Vendetta’s Dystopian Future

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V for Vendetta has a connection to a lot of real-world problems. The whole book is connected to one of the biggest issues we deal with today even though it was written in 1989. One issue it talks about is the trust in the government. V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and the 2016 election scandal show how the government manipulates the media to maintain power. One of the few ways the people of England can get their information in V for Vendetta is from the Voice of Fate, the people living in that society don't have much of a choice whom they get their news from. The Voice is their only chance, and the government controlled that as well. The voice of fate was Lewis Prothero who had high authorities. But the people of England have been convinced that the voice of fate isn't even a real man and that voice cannot be wrong. The voice of fate is just one of the tactics the government used to censor its citizens. One example from the comic is when the Voice of Fate tries to explain all the explosions that have been happening all around London they will have The Voice explain is as " Fate wants us to say it was a scheduled demonstration undertake at night to avoid traffic congestion"(Moore, 16). The voice lies to its people just, so the people don't think they have lost any control. The news that is giving to the citizens of London is very censored as well, the voice also only share positive news with the government try to make everything positive because it wants its people to trust The Voice. The government's worst fear is people finding out the truth of its identity and people like V outsmarting them, All V really wants is to expose the truth so people can know what's running their every move. The 2016 election was chaos in itself, many people protest against this. People fought they used their voice some did everything in their power to not let Trump win the elections. After he won People thought "How?" how in the world did the most hated man win the 2016 elections? Many believe Russia had a lot to do with it and helped swing the elections by using cyber-sabotage against Clinton. Why? People looked at Russia's leader Putin when asked why he wants trump to win, Putin says "Because he talked about bringing the U.S.-Russia relationship back to normal".

How did the sabotage happen? The Russians did not literally hack the elections that took place they had a very strong influence on voters. To begin on July 2016 a resource called "WikiLeaks" released mass amounts of deleted email that had relation to the Clinton Campaign. Which created a very sketchy image for Clinton. When the leak was investigated in lead to a similar attack that had to happen with the Russian Military Alliance. Business Insider wrote an article about how Russia also use social media to influence voters it states " A fuller picture of Russia's use of social media to influence the 2016 US election has begun to emerge, weeks after Facebook announced that "inauthentic" accounts most likely operating out of Russia had purchased $100,000 worth of political ads between 2015 and 2016"(Sheth and Bertrand). Many blame Russia for Trump's win because of all the sabotage, when leading up to the elections. Censorship is, of course, another reason, some of our news broadcasters are censored one example is CNN it is very conservative and bias, But at least we have a choice on whom we listen to. These two things are similar because in both for V for Vendetta and our government we are influenced to believe what we are told the only difference is we have a choice on whom we let influence us and what we believe in the V for Vendetta they don't, They only started to question their government till it was brought to their attention. People can learn from these things to keep an open mind and to be aware of who their leaders are or what their authorities are up too. And for us as a democracy, we have a right to vote on who represents us, so we should use that right to its full extent and do our research.

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