Dust Bowl and Great Depression Expository

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Everybody in America faced problems during the Great Depression. The Great Depression started October 29, 1929 and at the end of 1933 millions of Americans had no jobs, the depression started to end around 1941. Three things not heavily realized affected by the Great Depression, politics in California, Okies in California, and the election of 1932 FDR. These three things, Politics in California, Okies in California, and the 1932 election of FDR were affected by the Depression, heres why.

During the depression and after the Dust Bowl Okies had lost everything. They were originally farmers from the Southern Plains but the Dust Bowl hit and they lost everything, then they overproduced and prices dropped heavily from the bushel and left basically everyone broke. Most of them went to California to find a job because there was a diversity of crops to be grown there and they thought there would be more job opportunities. As soon as they got their California had an issue, California had once advertised for more migrant workers found themselves overwhelmed by up to 7,000 new migrants a month. They were not as ready for this as they thought they were there was so many new people it was a huge sudden change and there wasnt jobs for everybody. There was some jobs to be had but it was astonishing how many new people were coming monthly in time. Thus, some people didn't get the life they were looking for, But there wasn't enough work for everyone who came. Instead of immediate riches, they often found squalor in roadside ditch encampments.

Most had not gotten the life they wanted instead they were back to square one with nothing. They had to figure out what to do in little time to make money or they would be set like this for a long time. Places like this wheren't ideal to live in especially when it comes to sanitation. Furthermore, Due to insufficient sanitation in these camps, disease ran rampant among the migrant workers and their families had no running water, and with their minimal pay medical attention was out of the question. Disease spreads like wildfire with no sanitation it can get many people sick and especially with no money for medical attention they had nothing to treat them and just hoped it would get better. That obviously in most cases doesnt work and ends up killing hundreds maybe thousands of people. Okies in California wheren't getting the journey and prosperity they were hoping for from the dust bowl and the great depression.

Education in California, was affected by the great depression in many ways but mostly not having any money because there was none to finance the schools. People had no money also so kids just stayed home and supported their families. In this instance, Reduced the level of state support for schools so they couldnt get the funds they needed. This took a toll on property tax payers by having to pay extra money to try to finance the schools. Kids couldn't get an education like they could before, because they couldn't pay for the essentials to have the school working like new books, electricity bills, and even the teachers. Another statement regards ?Children worked to support their families they were unable to go to school Kids parents were struggling to pay bills so they had to support them. Some ways we're getting a job or helping around the house, they had no time to go to school. In addition, Had to force a substantial change in means of financing public education Therefore big change was occurring in being able to finance public education with having no money. They had none to fund the schools to keep them running or most of them having to close down, which in turn means no education for most people so that would affect everybody because if they didn't have an education they wouldn't have the tools to get a job which you would need to know the information.

The election of 1932: The election of 1932 was important! People were looking for a president who could get them out of the worst times of the depression they needed stability. That started with who was going to lead the country out of these poor times. They needed a reason that will have change and give the people of the United States hope. Franklin Delano Roosevelt running for president of 1932 by his reasons he gave the people, Furthermore, FDR told Americans that only by working together could the nation overcome the economic crisis The people were willing to vote for anyone who could bring them out of the great depression. FDR was going to work to achieve that goal as much as he can by using his rationalism and knowledge.

Additionally, He promised aid to farmers, public development of electric power, a balanced budget, and government policing of irresponsible private economic power. Due to these reasons he gave people in crisis hope to give them stability and that gave the people a good reason to vote for FDR. There was so many people in crises that need aid and electric power that gave FDR a huge percentage of votes. Election day came around and lastly, On election day Roosevelt received nearly 23 million popular votes to Hoovers nearly 16 million; the electoral vote was 472 to 59. FDR creamed Hoover, he won by more than 450 electoral votes which you need to have more than the other person to get elected. He won by seven million in the popular vote He was the clear favorite and brought the best campaign to become the president of the United States in the election of 1932 and became the 32nd president.

The Depression affected many things but these three topics was something not recognized as much as many other topics. How the Depression, affected Politics, The Okies in california, and The Election of 1932 and how FDR got voted as the President of the United States. The Depression and Dust Bowl overwhelmed everybody in America from any race you were to where you lived.

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