The Dust Bowl Known as the Dirty 30’s

The Dust Bowl also known as the dirty 30’s started in the 1930. It was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the U.S. and the soil of the American and Canadian prairies during the 30’s. Severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion caused the event. Great black clouds of dust began to cover the sun.

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“The Dust Bowl Known as the Dirty 30’s”

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Giant dust storms swallowed large cities and towns..The biggest impact of the Dust Bowl was the southern plains. The northern plains weren’t so badly affected. But the drought dust and agricultural decline were felt there as well.

In 1930 weather patterns began to shift over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The pacific became cooler than normal and the atlantic became warmer than normal. When they combined they weakened and changed the direction of the jet stream. The air usually carries moistures over the land but it didn’t reach the great plains and severe drought was brought.

My great grandfather lived in Midwest Oklahoma at the time of this event. The only time i met him is when i was a baby and then he past away. He was a rancher and was forced out of his home due to the Dust bowl. He moved to Mississippi with my great grandmother and his one son my grandfather they eventually moved back to Oklahoma when my grandfather was out of high school and he continued to be a rancher and my grandfather moved to Duncan Oklahoma While building a house and owning his own business and had my father and aunt my great grandfather told my dad and aunt all about the Dust bowl and eventually retired and deer hunted and continued to live out his days on the ranch. The dust bowl caused many ranchers and farmers to leave their homes and travel until they could find new work and build a new life. This impacted my life because i could be living in another state and not be in Oklahoma. And that would be bad because i kinda like it here.

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