The Great Depression Period

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The great depression was a time period when more than 15 million people were unemployed and money lost its value. It was a bad time period for everyone around the world and could have been avoided if everyone didn't start buying stock on black tuesday because that's how we lost the money. The great depression was caused by many things and it also caused many things, here are some of the ways that the great depression affected the United States of America.

The wall street crash was one of the main reasons of the great depression this is where many bought stocks at a time and crashed and what was in was all lost and was never recovered. This caused black thursday which was where share prices in new york completely collapsed losing all of it also. This was huge because we made the same mistake twice and if we didn't, we would not have been so deep in the loss. This means money lost value causing many to become homeless and many to commit suicide because of the fear of the world ending. The places the homeless lived and the things they used were called hoovervilles or started with hoover because they were separated at the time by how much money you had. The things they used where named after the president of that time period.

Hoover was the president during the time and did a lot to help get everyone through the horrible time period that the great depression was. He used the newly created tv to reach citizens of america with his fireside chats to where he would talk to them about stocks and make it better for the people and to keep their minds off what was happening. Many would look up to him and be so happy when he would come on the black and white screen. He was one of the forms of entertainment at the time.

The people need something cheap and fun to do so they started playing card games listening to the radio and watching the tv if they had one. Monopoly was a game that came out during the time and it was a huge hit. The people liked the feel of being able to control things and liked the feel of having more money than in real life. Some stories that came out where also a hit like the three little pigs and the wizard of oz.

There was one special storie out of all the rest it was one of a farmer. The story is that a farmer couldn't afford feed for his sheep so instead of watching them starve he slit their throats and sold the fur and ate them for the next month so he didn't starve also like the sheep wouldve. This story was famous because it meant something and everyone thought it was relatable to what was going on at the time.

The great depression is a miraculous thing of how we didnt see it coming. My theory is that we saw it coming but we're so bluntly dumb that we didn't see it or they just shrugged it off. They spent all there money on stock when it was falling because they wanted to make money but instead they just lost it all and suffered from it. This caused much tragedy and caused homeless to have to go to desperate measures.

Many believe that during the great depression the homeless had their own language called the hobo indenginess language this was the way they wrote things to show who lives here and what building is this and they would have hung above there tents. This was a smart idea for newcomers to the hooverville. They could also use normal writing but i get how they used that to save on ink.

Money saving was the way you had to live during the great depression. If you found a penny on the street you keep they had to buy something and make the most out of it. You kept the shoes you had from the 3rd grade to give to someone else for a few cents. This was the way they had to live during the time and it was horrible. Back then you could buy a hotel room and breakfast for a day for 6 cents which isnt alot in today's current economy.

The money in today's economy is fifteen times what it was back then. So you could get a coke for a dollar then but now days it would be fifteen dollars. This is a incredible thing and shows how much the world has changed. And means if you found a penny back then you found fifteen of them. Back then they tried to change the way we count money.

During the great depression they tried to change the fact that one cent is one cent. They also tried to do a fraction of a cent or a fraction of a dollar other than just it being one coin. This is a crazy thought because what would you do if you needed a penny but only had a few quarters of one.

In conclusion the great depression was a very bad time period. The stock crashed making money lesser valued. The suicide rates jumped and many had no jobs. In my mind I think it could have been avoided but hey that's just a theory. The president turned corrupt and everything went wrong with the economy. But that's what the great depression was just everything going wrong.

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