The Great Depression in the United States

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The Great Depression was an era of pure despair and anguish for not only everyone in The United States of America but people throughout the world. It left a significant impact on men, women children and even minorities; The infamous dust bowl only added to the suffering. The great depression left a significant psychological impact on men and unemployment.

Due to the sheer amount of stress and knowing that they could no longer serve their purpose because of the struggling economy of the US, men turned to suicide. In 1932 the national suicide rate was increased to 17.4 In a letter to President Roosevelt a young boy wrote: "My father hasn't worked for 5 months He went plenty times to relief, he filled out application. They won't give us anything."1 He also stated : "My father he staying home. All the time he's crying because he can't find work. I told him why are you crying daddy, and daddy said why shouldn't I cry when there is nothing in the house."

Furthermore, women and children were forced to experience the harsh realities of The Great Depression. Because of the obvious lack of money families could not support themselves with enough food, or clothing. This led to the dramatic increase in women in the workforce as they began to find jobs such as nurses, clerks and other jobs in the service field. This sudden change in lifestyle was a huge deal because by societies standards women should be stay-at-home moms. The idea of a woman working was looked down apon by many. However women joining the workforce was only the beggining of the end of discrimination.

During the first half of the Great Depression thousands of children were not being educated due to the immense closing of schools throughout the nation."The National Education Association estimated that by 1934 rural poverty had closed more than 20,000 schools." Therefore children were forced to try to enter the work force to help provide for themselves aswell as their families.

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