The Dust Bowl in the Midwestern Area of the United States

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The Dust Bowl was a difficult time in the midwestern area of the United States. I am personally connected to the Dust Bowl, because my grandfather was living in Northwest Oklahoma when it had all begun. This event had severely destroyed many towns and nature around the affected area. Also, it had a great effect on the people who lived through it, because of housing, crops and terrain being destroyed. Many people had to move away from their homes because the storm was overbearing and had demolished many towns and people had look for work. My Grandfather once lived around the area that was hit and had to endure the hard times of the storm. Today the area is still being affected because of droughts and the soil being unhealthy because of all the dust that was thrown around. I also lived in that area of Oklahoma from 2002-2015, and had to go through droughts, high winds and very poor harvest times. The wind had gotten up to 80 miles per hour and flipped some of our chicken coops and even some boats. That storm was probably the scariest of them all, other than a tornado almost hitting our house. There were also many horrible harvest seasons, with little product from the plants. This forced my Grandfather to move away and find another job to be able to get his own crops and money to pay for his expenses. My family also had to go through hard times of harvest because the only thing that would grow was onions. Drought also made it hard for our pond to stay full for the cows to drink from and the trees to grow. Having many farm animals was difficult because we always had to get animal food because there wasn't enough trees and the grass was almost always dead. The north west side of Oklahoma is not very pretty, it is very much like a dumpster; trashy, stinky, and bland. Moving over to the eastern side of Oklahoma was a very awesome experience because I thought Oklahoma was all the same, dead plains. The eastern side of Oklahoma that wasn't hit by the Dust Bowl is all very lively with many trees and healthy soil. I've also seen more rainbows, the townspeople are nicer, and there isn't as many crimes, so I love it here. The Dust Bowl had a great effect on my family and taught me a lesson. Lester Fuller and Edwin Rolfe: You can never tell a book by its cover.( for quote)) Thinking that one state is the same throughout is very wrong because every town is different. I will never expect everyone or thing to be the same after all of this. Also, when one storm has winds up to 80 miles per hour, I think it is very marvelous and scary. I'm going to try to never go back to the western side of Oklahoma.
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