Divorces Around the Country

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If you have gone to a wedding, you might have heard the wedding couple say the phrase till death do us part in the vows. After most newlyweds say I Do, most of them try to work as hard as they can to keep their vows. Some married people decide that it is better for them to get a divorce. Divorce is something that isn’t really talked about, but it happens all around the world. Divorce can be a stressful, arduous, and a time-consuming period in someone’s life. I will be talking about the divorce rates of Canada, Spain, and Pakistan and what factors cause the divorce.

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“Divorces Around the Country”

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In Pakistan, the average age for women to be able to marry is sometime before they reach the age of eighteen and the age for men to be able to marry is eighteen. The education level for the people who marry in Pakistan is very low, since they marry so young and most end up quitting school (Toppa, 2017). Arranged marriage in Pakistan is common. I believe that arranged marriage is one of the top reasons for divorce in Pakistan. In the Islam religion, which is what most people in Pakistan practice, marriage is sacred. The married couple are to not divorce but work it out and make the marriage work (Naveed, 2016).

The divorce rate of Canada is forty-eight percent (Feldstein 2016). In Canada the average age for marriage is between the ages of twenty-nine to thirty-one. Anyone in Canada is free to marry whomever they want but being married to more than one person is not legal (Eichler 2012). The highest percentage of divorces in Canada were people that were aged between fifty-five and fifty-nine (Feldstein 2016). Some reasons for people divorcing in Canada were that they no longer are in love with the person that they married, someone in the marriage was cheating, there were financial problems, and abuse was happening in the marriage (Feldstein 2016). Canada’s education level is high, fifty-six percent of adults had gone through some kind of higher education after graduating from high school (Hess 2018).

The divorce rate of Spain is sixty-three percent (Abayomi 2018). The people of Spain are known for being catholic, but it since has changed. The divorce rate has risen since Spain passed an express divorce bill in 2005, which allows divorces to go through quicker (Stowe 2008).

If I were a counselor, I would let the couples know that the best way to avoid divorce is to think about the wedding day and the vows that the couple said after a fight has abrupted. Do not go to bed angry and try to work out whatever is going on, if possible. I would tell the couple to think about all the good times and how happy they once were. Many factors can cause divorce, so doing this may not help. The best way to deal with divorce is to remain civil. When abuse is involved I wouldn’t advise the abused to try to solve the marriage, especially when the abuse has happened more than once. Divorce is something that isn’t easy, and I would like to help couples know that they should do what is in their best interest and the interest of their kids if they have any.

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