Diversity Management in America

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Managing diversity is acknowledging the different variations of people and recognizing the value of their differences. These variations require rational management practices to prevent workplace discrimination and promote inclusiveness. Organizations seeking global relevancy cannot ignore the impact of work force diversity. When companies incorporate diversity in the workplace its vital for the company’s ability to problem-solve, innovate, and cultivate various markets. Without diversity management, managers and staff could unknowingly act on prejudices and feel threatened by differences among employees.

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“Diversity Management in America”

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Tools to Manage Diversity There are certain management tools that business managers must use to effectively promote diversity in the workplace. Most companies appoint diversity leaders or officers within the company to help plan and implement diversity within the workplace. This allows them to ensure change is constant and identify areas where it is needed. Diversity leaders are to be an example of what they are teaching. The same expectation desired is required of all employees from top management to line level employees. When it comes to recruiting mangers should “cast a wider net” to increase their chances of hiring from a diverse candidate pool (fortune.com, 2019). Conflict resolution skills are vital to resolve cultural disagreements that may arise. The swift resolution helps to reduce productivity delays as well as possible legal issues if left unresolved. When dealing with conflict, it is necessary to remain objective and fair in the process.

Final resolution should be based on facts also ensuring each person knows their role in the company is valued and appreciated (chon, 2019). When doing business with different countries business leaders research the various cultures and differences in order to help make a deal. The same should be on when managing diversity. Managers should “develop a working knowledge about coworkers of different ethnicities, sexes, religious affiliations and backgrounds. Pursuing knowledge about someone else displays respect and will result in a more peaceful work environment, as well as shed some light on others and improve the way you view others” (Holt, 2019). Advantages and Disadvantages Diversity is a must now in the workplace and there can be serval advantages for the company. The racial spectrum of the United States is changing every year as more people emigrate to the country from around the world (bigthinkedge.com, 2019). The diverse employment pool allows for new innovative ideas offering a variety of viewpoints and critical thinking solutions. According to bigthinkedge.com, “A particular issue that arises in workplaces is dealing with social or cultural differences. Part of this may stem from a lack of understanding or respect” (bigthinkedge.com, 2019).

Diversity and inclusion are ways for companies to gain global ideas and can help to increase a company’s image which can lead to future clients and customers. There are also disadvantages that come with diversity management. Training courses are used by companies to help reinforce the diverse and inclusive culture goals of the company. Companies must also ensure they offer advancement opportunities to reinforce their commitment to inclusion of all individuals regardless of ethnicity, age, sexuality or background. This can be challenging in the United States when it comes to language and communication differences (bigthinkedge.com, 2019). Lack of opportunity and transparency in these areas can lead to tension amongst the employees resulting in high employment turnover. “Diversity and inclusion is not an HR strategy; it is a business strategy… research also shows that teams that operate in an inclusive culture outperform their peers by a staggering 80 percent”, according to an article by Deloitte (deloitte.com, 2019).

Another disadvantage many employers face while promoting diversity in the workplace is failure to allow employees to observe their faith-related holidays or discrimination of employees based on sexual orientation. While diversity will gift a variety of challenges inside organizations, it’s vital to conjointly acknowledge and emphasize the overwhelming edges it creates (bigthinkingedge.com, 2019). 

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