Discussion on Whether Children are being over Medicated in U.S

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Studies done raised questions concerning children in U.S are being overmedicated. Some of the examples of the includes: according to the article written by Williams Parks, on 2008 revealed that most of the pediatrians have recommended use of the use of the medication to the children with sleeping disturbance. Greater percent of parents have used the over-the counter (OTC) medications to their children with sleep problem (Owens, 2003).

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“Discussion on Whether Children are being over Medicated in U.S”

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Another example of why is thought children is being overmedicated is as follows: The report from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) indicated that more than 10, 000 toddlers are getting psychostimulant medication such as methylphenidate. This report reveals that the children are being overmedicated. As well National Center for Health Statistics report indicated that 7.5 percent of the American children fewer than 18 years are taking medication on behavioral or emotional difficulties. The study has shown that 1.3 percent of the children are taking antidepressants (Schwartz, 2014).

Discussion based on data on the above studies

In many cases the doctors recommend particular medication before carrying out tests for the particular diseases. Most of the parents instead of seeking the information to understand the reasons behind sleeping problems of the children then they recommend the use OTC medication for sleeping problem. OTC medication is not recommended to treat insomnia or to sleeping related problems but surprisingly is administered to the children with difficulties in sleeping. In this case it is clearly shown that children are being overmedicated because the medication being administered to them does not serve the right purpose to the children (Owens, 2003). In this case there is a problem which includes insomnia, attention – deficit/ hyperactivity disorder, depression, psychological problems which may result to sleeping disturbances but they are overlooked. The parent who used OTC medication has revealed side effects on their children and this is clear indication that children are being overmedicated. The parents needs to be educated so that when the children suffers from sleeping difficulties to seek prescription from doctors rather than OTC medication. When this is done then the unnecessary prescriptions of sleeping disorders on children will be reduced.

Children are being diagnosed with ADHD and this is most related to overmedication of the psycho stimulants, psychotropic prescription and many other medications. In US greater percentage of the children are affected with ADHD and it has been believed to some extend this disorder is caused by overmedication. Parents, schools have blamed the psychiatrists but this issue of the overmedication is caused when parents resist medication but request it over –the –counter. This means the psychiatrists should be less blamed. Most of the children are having problem with psychiatric diseases and this means that this means that there is increased need of the psychiatric (Schwartz, 2014).


According to the examples and data collected it is clearly shown that children in American were being overmedicated. In the above evidences on increased number of the behavirial problems in children clearly shows that children are being medicated. Most of the children in US are experiencing problems because their children do not seek doctor medication but they prefer the medication over-the – counter. This has resulted to overmedication because some of the medication are being used for the wrong propose and that is why there is increased side effects as some of the parents reported. Therefore, parents need to seek medication from doctors but not what they prefer.


Owens JA, Rosen CL, Mindell JA (2003). Medication use in the treatment of pediatric insomnia: results of a survey of community-based pediatricians. Pediatrics (online version), Volume 111, Number 5,? p.e628.

Schwartz A (2014). Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated for A.D.H.D., Report Finds, Raising Worries. New York Times,.

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