Why shouldn’t Children Receive Vaccines?

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 Don’t vaccinate your children

My research report is on how I believe that children should not receive vaccines. If doctors really told people what they were putting in your children, then maybe parents would think twice about vaccinations. There are numerous reasons why vaccines are not a good choice for your kids. First off There are thousands of cases where children have adverse reactions to the vaccines they are scheduled to get and nothing is being changed in the vaccines, A lot of these cases go unreported and are hidden from the public as I will explain in my essay. Another reason to not trust these vaccines is that Vaccine manufactures have been caught not doing proper safety procedures before the vaccines go to the market, there are reports, letter and interviews done that show this is true, also the federal law protects pharmaceutical companies and the manufactures from lawsuits so parents can’t sue them if their children have adverse effects because according to pharmaceutical companies vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Not even most doctors giving the vaccines to your children know the truth about them, they say the vaccines are safe just because that’s their job. Vaccines are dangerous, and people need to realize their children are being injected with a number of bad and questionable ingredients that have been proven to give children side effects short term and long term and even death, this is no secret.

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“Why shouldn’t Children Receive Vaccines?”

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Vaccines are dangerous and that’s a fact. Parents are not aware of a lot of the dangerous chemicals, metals and other crazy ingredients in these vaccines that are pushed on to their children from the moment they are born. All Vaccines contain chemicals, heavy metals, preservatives, human cells, animal cells, GMOs and many other harmful and dangerous ingredients. No matter what pharmaceutical companies claim none of those ingredients should be injected into a child’s body. in order to legally prove and assure people that the vaccines their children are receiving are safe and efficient, a study would have to be done that is big enough and with a significant number of children, comparing the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children undergoing many test throughout the comparison, a study like that has yet to be done according to (Julian Whitaker, MD the truth about vaccines, national vaccine information center).

There are however way more studies and research that is scientifically proven that backs up how harmful the ingredients used in vaccines and show the truth and all the dangers they propose and have many facts about them you cand find on (MDSS, material data safety sheet). The vaccine manufactures are careless when it comes to proper testing and safety procedures. A response was written by (CoMeD Science Advisor, Paul G. King, PhD, Thimerosal in Vaccines Questions and Answers’), and in it he states how the FDA and the vaccine manufacturer failed to perform a no-observed-adverse-effect-level (NOAEL) assessment for multiple vaccines and failed to undergo a lot of other safety procedures with the formulas. Yet these products are still being sold and injected into kids and they don’t even have proper safety test done to them.

Another thing to consider before giving your children vaccines is that big Pharmaceutical companies have federal charges of fraud. Merck pharmaceutical companies fraud cases were explained in an article, one reason they were sued for fraud was because they withheld a lot of information on the safety and effectiveness of the MMR vaccine, in other words vaccine manufactures manipulate their data in their favor, and they do it for the money (Lawrence Solomon, 2014 Huffington post) which is a shot scheduled for infants still today. Vaccines today have some ingredients that have been removed or been required by law to carry smaller amounts of ingredients because of the major health issues they were causing. But instead of getting rid of the vaccines the FDA just changes the laws and standards for certain vaccines so they don’t go off the market or they make new versions of vaccines but in reality it was the same vaccjne with thw same ingredients just a different name.

In 1999 One vaccine called rotashield was taken off the market because it caused life threatening bowel obstruction, then in 2007 there was another rotavirus vaccine that came onto the market and this new version causes the same problems as the last rotavirus vaccine, this one was never taken off the market unfortunately (NCB news, Warning on diarrhea vaccine for infants, 2007). Every year, the flu shot gets less and less effective in 2015 the protective efficacy was at 23%. This is because humans have been receiving vaccinations for years and now viruses are growing immune to the vaccines, influenza being the primary example. This forces pharmaceutical scientists to create new vaccine designs and implementation that will supposedly have a better effect, but it really just contains more unnatural chemicals the body doesn’t need. Even with the alleged better formula, people with illnesses like HIV and AIDS can compromise vaccines causing errors and therefor making them less effective. Vaccinations will be pointless in the future due to the fact that more and more people are becoming anti-vax meaning they will not give their children or themselves vaccinations.

According to CDC, in order for a vaccination to be most effective, everyone or the majority of the general population need to have the vaccine. If a child is the only one with vaccinations in a class of 30 students then the vaccination will most likely be ineffective. mercury which is a metal and a neurotoxin is an ingredient in childhood vaccines, Small amounts of this metal can cause serious issues and development problems in children and is also considered one of the top ten chemicals of public health concern these are both stated and on the facts sheet created by (the world health organization), this metal It is not safe and shouldn’t be in vaccines. in 1999 there was a joint statement between the (AAP), us public health service and even the vaccine manufactures to remove any mercury substance (thimerosal) from childhood vaccines but the statement was basically a fake statement and it was not taken as serious as they needed too, today vaccines given to children still contain this dangerous metal (CDC.gov, February 16, 2001. Why would something like that be ignored, especially since this is an ingredient in a vaccine that are given to infants as soon as they are born. children who are vaccinated with every vaccine there scheduled to get, will receive multiple doses of vaccines that contain mercury and other metals if their parents chose to do so.

According to the national vaccine information center in 1983, one in 10,000 children were diagnosed with autism. Today in the US, 1 child in 150 develops autism and our infant mortality rate is about 71 percent higher than the comparable counties according to (Kaiser family foundation, health system tracker .org).  US children receive up to 49 doses of vaccines from birth to age 6, the CDC recommends by age 18 your child receives up to 69 doses of 16 vaccines. costing about $2500 which is just with providing the vaccines parents will have to pay many other additional costs with choosing to vaccinate there child.

Vaccine numbers are going to continue to raise, meaning children will be exposed to more amounts of the dangerous ingredients, unless more people become more aware and stop allowing their kids to be vaccinated. with the rise of vaccines, the autism rates are higher than ever as well as other chronical illnesses, SIDS, and other complications in the US. The best advice is doing research because doctors do not know everything and it is better if you know what bad chemicals will be going into you or your child’s body. If everyone did their research, there would be a significant difference in the amount of people giving themselves and their children vaccines.

Also, the fact that there are already a lot of people against vaccinating their kids, the future generations of people are going to be at risk since vaccinations are only effective if everyone in the population has had it. Diseases like polio, smallpox and influenza can be deadly, but getting these vaccines can cause other diseases or physical disabilities that are just as bad. This includes autism, speech imparities, sleeping problems, failure to thrive, and more. Doctors make it out to be that vaccines are miracle workers, but that is because most of them are financially motivated and just want your money. Paying thousands of dollars for vaccines is unrealistic if you are in a low income family or have a lot of children. People think they will not suffer from these adverse effects until it actually happens and most of the time doctors will blame it on everything but the vaccine. Vaccines are toxic chemicals made out to be a life saver, but use them at your own risk.

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