Digitalization Isolates Us from the Rest of the World

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The growth of technology and digitalization has reached a peak. In the past few decades while as an Asian and as a global community, this growth has had several benefits on the global community and its people such as the use of machinery and access to methods of new communication. However, contrary to the aforementioned with this extreme growth, the privacy is in danger and can be access by anyone. As we are the citizens of the 21st century and must know about how this topic is important for us and what we should do to get to a better conclusion. Electronic systems seem to be a companion of many nowadays due to the constant source of knowledge and data we can extract from them.

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“Digitalization Isolates Us from the Rest of the World”

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I devised this question because I was worried about the youth’s addiction towards the digital world. It is sad to realize that they have forgotten the old cultures and traditions of their country. I have a personal interest in this topic and I have read about this topic many times in the news. Globally, the rise of digitalization isolates us from the rest of the world. Social media such as reading notifications on Facebook, streaks on Snapchat, and feeds on Instagram are being used excessively which is leading to weakening of eye sight, obsession and anxiety. Other than that if you may have thousands of friends on social media but in the real world you may not have friends at all. According to the sources girls use more social media than boys. Excessive use of social media can also cause cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is increasing day by day as sexual remarks and bullying can be seen in the news or in the newspaper.

Creating insecurity means to me is that the world is more conscious about interacting on social media or posting something in public. The main cause of this issue is that people think that the world will judge them in the society. Due to embarrassment, they get mentally depressed and due to this people commit suicides. Despite, that grudge starts to happen and crime rates go high. As the same thing happened to Hannah Smith, a girl who died on 2nd August 2013 because of bullying on social media. She died when she was 14 only, she got cyberbullied on ‘’ which allows users to send messages without their identity being disclosed. When the authorities did not listen to her then ‘trolls’ started to coming up and saying that she drove his father to take her own life. Her sister saw her hung in her bedroom. His dad found a note written saying that “I wonder if it’s going to get better.” Her father believed that eczema was the main reason of getting bullied. Her stepmother also mentioned that she showed no signs of any torture happening to her. This happened in a small area but could affect many others who are being bullied as this incident gives an idea.

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