Depression in Women

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Introduction on the article synthesis paper:

An article synthesis paper is meant to put across an understanding on the topic of question. This is intended to provide a general understanding on the selected topics as well as review papers which will as result provide the researcher with a solid background of how the review should be done in a normal way. In this synthesis paper I have selected four articles to write a synthesis based on the reviewed articles

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“Depression in Women”

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The first article I chose was on “”Earlier stress exposure and subsequent major depression in aging women”” and it is an international journal reviewed by Sabrina L. Jenkins. The objective of this paper to “”finds out three major aspects of stressors in young women””.The journal speaks about how the middle-aged women suffer from major depression disorders or what is considered to be a clinical depression. It states that women who do not have these symptoms at an early stage can experienced the syndrome at an age of menopause. Alternatively, it can also relate to Normanton stressors. The research was conducted to find out an estimation of the effects of stressors longitudinally on the subsequent women average of 60. The research also exposes an attempt to explore as well as find a determination of if there is any problem on exposure to stressors in a woman early life and distance major disorder.

To be more specific, the paper finds out three major aspects of stressors in young women. The first aspect is whether stressors in early life evocate women risks for attainingmajor depression at an old age.

Secondly: what early life stressors if there exist any would distance MDD on aging female gender?

Finally, what is the importance of strategies that are implied for identification, prevention and treatment of those risks for MDD. The focus of the journal is on the implication and how the management of the stress throughout life would lead to improvement for aging women.

After carrying out an experiment, the researcher realizes that there are several indicators of depression. The study presents these indicators based on the clinical perspectives or clinical major depression disorders. The procedure used is set on the depression, mood, or even loss of interest in or enjoyment in vital things. After meeting certain criteria which was provided by the researcher, the paper presents a finding of 565 women with a mean age of 60 that early life stressor such as increase in marital problems. The issue may increase the risk of future diagnosis of MDD AS AGING occurs. It was noted that an increase in NLE will automatically double the increases in trajectory in stressors and to lesser extend an early high significant odds for the late life MDD.

In conclusion, the article presents the negative effect of high stressors in which youths may elevate chance of getting MDD as women age implies that stress is accumulation of land without, prevention and treatment of aging women.

The second article reviewed is by Kase, chen and cohen reviewed in 2010. The article objective is: to expose stressor and subsequent depression in aging women. The article gives a confirmation that most women at earlystage experience abuse in one way or another. The researcher collected data through the Unitedstates department of health and tried to find out how this type of stress acquired at an early marriage stage can affect women. The paper showed that 13% of the women were verbally abused and 9.6% were physically abused and the rest were sexually abused. It clearly shows that the abuse are experience while at early stage of life and this caused a very different and negative results when an individual grows old. There is a considerable association between the anxiety and depression and this was severally examined and similar results produced which looked at the sample of considered results to be the same. According to the paper, one should come to a realization that early child abuse makes one more vulnerable to depression at any particular time when the individual is confronted with the stressors in life. For this reason, it is true that one correct for one to have a consideration that when the stress comes early in life, it will be related to child abuse at some point in life.

The paper puts three most important questions into discussion:

The first question is whether the stressors are experienced during early life in the staged of life and more specifically a woman can the changes for major depression disorders during and after her experience.

The second is what might be the identification, prevention and treatment for the number of chances that are associated with the individual to suffer major depression disorders clinical disorder.

The main focus of this study is basically on the implication of the stressors and how managing this stressor can be difficult but of importance in aging women.

The study undergoes through several stages of data collection several discussions and presents its finding on the effect and influential result of early child abuse in association to how women get abused in at anearlystage of life.

In conclusion, the study clearly indicates that theearlychildhood or women early marriage abuse can last for a lifetime. It is however important to sue to understand the prevalence of this situation (Kasen et al.,2008). The situation reduces as people get old in life. To connect the first article and the second article, it is noticeable there is a relationship that exist between the onset of depression and the early childhood abuse of the old women who are between the age of 60-93. Unlike the first paper, the article reminds that the future study should put into consideration the involvement of a larger group in order to improve the quality of the results.

The third article to be considered in on American journal of public health titled: Depression in Adult Women: Age changes and cohort effects. The article’s objective is to find out the rate at which the women get depression and disorders. The article reports that the rate at which women get depression and disorders has arisenstately with no formal consent or explanation. It reveals the researchers who have come up with some proposed explanation for the trend and such a pattern. Some researcher has even argued that the stress is due to the sudden change of roles. The other researchers have cited this from the limitation of study, which has caused the lack of giving specific statistics. The study focus on the issue of distinguishing age and cohort and their association with depression. The paper used the statics data that was collected and analysed. The scores for this is depression were regression of data cohorts and age. The scores for the previous year were also used.

It is evidence from the study that real life situationand the current women of the same birth rate has drastically increased the level of depression simply because the model. This level of depression is basically witnessed to be reducing as women get older and as role shift lessen. From this form of statistics, the health sector could also use this data to come up with health policy and social programs which will help the young women manage the level of stress in their lives and help in overcoming the collective effect of depression at their old age.

The fourth article in this paper is on depression in adult as a risk factor:

The objective of the article is to consider the important of risk factor in women depression and the effect of women youractivities on the old stage. This means that not all women at the old stage can’tcope up with some situation in the lifetime. The article raises the question of what leads to older adult women to become depressed. It presents some schoolsfinding on structural changes on the brain. It states that it has found that those with depression are most likely to have a vascular risk factors including the history of cerebralassociated disorders which is also supported by the research (Kasen et al.,2011). It concludes that depression in older women can be understood from a lifespan diathesis stress perspective. The risks and proactive factor normally becomes less prominent in the middle of the depression as they change more periodically and more frequently.


In conclusion, the results of the four articles provide a similar concept on the cause and effect of depression in older women. They both present the health and risk factor on the women who experience gender violence and presented a certain rate of gender violence factors.


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