Substance Abuse and Depression

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Emotions like sorrow and hopelessness are a normal part of the universal human experience. There are many cases in which young adults develop depression at a young age, and depression can come in many different forms, such as feelings/emotions and/or actions. It’s normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed, but it sometimes leads people to do things that aren’t right. What are the impacts of depression and what consequences does it lead to? The impact depression has on individuals is they feel hopeless and even worthless. When people go through terrible scenarios in their lives, for example, losing a loved one, they feel like they don’t have a purpose in life. The signs of depression are often unnoticed, but sometimes people start noticing changes in the affected people. The signs are lack of communication, not wanting to engage with others, and not participating in daily activities. Depression also contributes to students not doing well in school and poor attendance (Counseling & Psychological Services). It’s difficult for some young adults to focus on schoolwork and do well because they think they aren’t capable enough. Having family problems can also lead to depression.

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“Substance Abuse and Depression”

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Divorce, drugs and alcohol, deportation, and abuse are some of the major causes of depression. Depression has many consequences, including leading to self harm. Often times self harm is referred to as a mental illness. Researchers say, individuals use methods like cutting themselves with a knife, pull hair out, and pick at wounds to prevent healing (NAMI). Another way depression leads to self harm is stated, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.(ANAD). Eating disorders are categorized as self harm because, individuals are harming themselves by not giving the body the nutrients it needs in order to survive. One of the common facts that supports that is also the body image, how the person feels about themselves. Sometimes individuals will substitute meals for eating ice or simply not eat at all. Furthermore eating disorders also leads to weight loss, most of the time this means the individual is unhealthy and are trying to lose weight perilously. Depression can affect individuals way of eating, for example eating at a fast rate, eating way too much, not knowing their limit, or forced vomiting after eating. Studies say people feeling depressed abuse the alcohol and drug use to change their mood, not feel guilt, and or despair (PSYCOM).

Due to this common factor that depression leads to is also a big part of self harm. The usage of drugs can be a relief for most individuals, when dealing with depression. When depression is playing a big role in someone’s life they need to find the best way out in order to not feel that way anymore. For most people the usage of drugs help them maintain the same effect constantly. Therefore the drug and alcohol addictions individuals have aren’t addictions anymore, they are often mostly referred as use disorders(PSYCOM). The ultimate consequence depression has on individuals is committing suicide or having suicidal thoughts. Studies say, with an estimate that up to 60 percent of people who commit suicide have major depression. (verywellmind) Most times the affected people don’t say what’s going on in their life, they also many be lost in their own thoughts that may lead to overthinking serval things.

Cases that have been shown about individuals that have the mindset of suicide have shown: mood swings that are drastic, risky behaviors or aggressiveness, and deep depression that affects their daily behavior. Suicide has been the biggest type of self- harm people to do to themselves due to depression, also due to non- treatable methods. Despite being given a diagnosis of depression, it is often hard to treat and uncontrollable at times. Depression has many impacts and consequences on people’s life. In addition to the impacts that depression has on individuals, the symptoms or signs can go many ways because everyone reacts differently to depression. Depression can lead to feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, as well as drug or other substance abuse, and self harm including suicide. Although depression has many impacts and consequences, people should be able to treat it the right way and give more attention to those affected with depression.

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