Critical Writing: Standardising Arguments

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Henson’s work should be perceived as an art because the artists relied on the contemporary art form of photography. His films are influential, and the artist produces dark expensive art films that can be compared to the films of the 20th century.

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“Critical Writing: Standardising Arguments”

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Questioning the moral purpose of Henson’s art may not seem effective because his films target on discouraging immoral behaviors that exist within a society. His films create a public criticism on the different types of behavior that occurs in a region.

Moral panic lacks a direct impact on the pedophilic condition.  The moral purpose of Henson’s art is to discourage people from undertaking activities that do not support the required norms of the society. On the other hand, pedophilia is an individual problem that emanates from a personality disorder or an abuse of the childhood by the adults.  Therefore, although the Henson’s art is associated with issues of moral panic, it does not expose an individual to issues of pedophilia. The audience should focus on the moral impact of the artworks as opposed to the negative influence of the art to the society.

The production of films on wealthy and elite people creates a perception that Henson’s art always targets an elite art audience. He uses prints that are considered as expensive materials because his gallery contains pictures only for wealthy art elite.  Henson believes wealthy people as the real people that recognize the need for growth. However, Henson’s work is not strictly meant for the wealthy people, but all the individuals can access and use the films.

Despite the use nude children photos, Henson’s work has nothing to do with corporate pedophilia.  His work aims at discouraging sexual behaviors in children as opposed to the corporate Pedophilia that entails the sale of products to children using a sexualized way.

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