Criminology Research Report

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The issue of criminal justice, as well as criminology, has experienced a tremendous increase in the study over the past few years. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of individuals enrolling in the subject worldwide. There has been an evolutionary paradigm shift accompanying criminology regarding disciplinary. In the contemporary world, criminology has emerged as an independent discipline which growths daily and the advance is likely to continue in the coming days. It has remained inherently theoretical. It is highly applied both in academic and practitioner concerns of criminal justice and the associated professional service fields. This paper aims at comparing three criminology related articles and relating them to the topic of study as well as focusing on answering various questions associated with the research project. The research topic, in this case, is criminal and communal justice.

The first article chosen for the study is the one that addresses on the international criminology. It focuses on investigating scholarly influence via the determination of the most cited specialists in the main criminology articles based on the English speaking nations. The examination of one journal from each nation was carried out. Some of the journals that were investigated in the research were criminology based on British journal, criminology Canadian article, Australian, New Zealand, CRIM and criminal justice. In America, the journal that was chosen was CRIM since it's the main American journal and also it's officially used by the American society of criminology. The other journals were viewed as the leading criminology journals in their respective states. The research was meant to take a period of 5 years as from the year 2001 to 2005.

The other article is the criminal law and criminology journal that is focused on giving the history in criminology. The author seems to be celebrating the one-hundredth anniversary of the law school. The essence of criminology in the prehistoric law school is highly appreciated. The author talks about professors who are very qualified and determined to carry out their police work. The third article is about ethicality in the management of criminals which is associated with the American prison that is highlighted as the dwelling of medicine. This article shows the three levels in which the imprisonment of offenders occurs. The three levels are the local, federal and state. Nonetheless, the criminals in custody need to be given the medical attention that they require. The three articles concentrate on the criminology issue. They indicate the analysis of criminal cases and achieve valid conclusions for each matter addressed.

Relating criminology research to my topic of study, it is clear that it is essential to set some central research questions in the process of the study because they act as the key guidelines towards achieving an excellent outcome of the research. The finding of the topic of research is that the community regards the criminal act as a deviant behavior. Some techniques used in by professionals to prevent innocent individuals from criminals may sometime fail. Appropriate programs need to be used to deal with the various crimes that may be committed. For example, individuals are likely to be involved in infractions, felonies or misdemeanors. Considering the use of medical services and criminals in custody, it is ethical to provide health care services to prisoners. Medical services are part of their of the rehabilitation program. The findings of the study emphasize the need to treat a remediable physical condition of a prisoner. This is meant to restore him to normal heath status by performing the surgical operation if need be. Communal justice needs to be upheld in all situation.

The methodologies used in the research determines the outcome of the findings. A researcher may either use a qualitative or quantitative research techniques. Quantitative aims at analyzing the numerical data while qualitative uses non-numerical data such as observation, interviews, literature reviews among others. Research that uses a qualitative methodology is more efficient because sources of information are more reliable. For example, interviewing leads to the collection of firsthand information hence credible findings will be accomplished. Theoretical concepts determined the concepts that a research needs and the statistical relationship that require being implemented in the project.

Researchers who are studying the same topic in a project may end up having variation in the overall outcome of the project. Policy implications can be explained regarding the time, goals and deliverables. For example, there is a possibility for individuals to spend different time in conducting the research. Some may use more time while others less time. Researchers might also have the same topic of study but end up having different objectives. This leads to variation in the projects. The data used in the study also determines the findings. The future research seeks at determining the circumstances that tend to escalate criminal activities. Methods of de-escalating the criminal acts will be established to promote security in the community.


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