Cultural Criminology: the Idea of Gender and Sexuality

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In the article written by Laura Naeglar 2006 et. al), feminist criminology relays to the actual events that women have been discarded and have been discriminated against in the field of study in criminology. However, in culture criminology, women do indeed take a certain risk as of those of the male figures but in the same direct way as men.

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“Cultural Criminology: the Idea of Gender and Sexuality”

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Criminality, in fact, is believed that it had been one of the most focus on traditional on the theory of the anthropocentric field of study in social sciences. The researches and theories have explained that elucidates the study of male criminality and the criminal systems that point to the fact that males better respond to male offenders. Women, on the other hand, have been represented in the most negative and stereotypical system which focuses on their failure to adhere to the traditional models of appropriate female behavior.

Other researches have compiled on a volunteer basis and among rescue groups as an edgework. It was an event through these research that indeed, men were prejudice against their females competitors in regards to physical competence among these women. This risks showed that both men and women took the same risks.

The approach of women being more precautions in taking risks exposes them to be known as more weaker species and preventing themselves from exposing themselves to more dangerous trends where men do not preserve this type of approach.

Continued differences regarding males and females focusing our attention on males roles in the case of terrorism. Male followers of join the ISIL group seeking power, the promising of glory, living a high fantastic lifestyle life adding the trill and excitement of power and even dying for one of their own. Women, also have the same beliefs as men in the ISIL groups they also do it for the purpose of power, excitement and the promise of glory, in reaching these analyzes there is no difference or inequality between men and women and they do indeed take high risks pursuits.

In the final discussion about this article emphasizes that is still room for invitational openness among the feminism groups that present a more friendlier approach for women endeavors. Furthermore, it also calls for gender to become an acknowledge it as a regular and not as an add-on facet of the cultural criminology theatrical studies.

In today’s exception on cultural criminology, it still sternly tending to the emphasis that on the idea of gender and sexuality, dismisses the key co, component the main key to developing more research and scholarly investigations on the topic of gender clarifications. With this conclusion, it is impossible to explain crime with the hegemonic codes of femininity and masculinity to prove social repression which leads to desire and human emotions.

There were no other researches, data, methods offered in this article, however, it only described the difference between femininity and masculinity for the purpose of clarifying the lesson on cultural criminology prospective side on the sub-cultural of the place of women before and today.

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