Confucianism is Known as the Way

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Confucianism is known as the way of life brought by Confucius throughout the 6th-5th century BCE. The chinese people believed to follow them for a period of a thousand of years. This substance of learning, social codes and sources of value influenced extended countries like Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Confucianism in Chinese Western term is a social ethic, a political ideology, and a way of life. This is often viewed as a religion and mainly a philosophy. Confucian ethics has became popular in the English-speaking world. Some of the three main thinkers are Confucius, Mencius, and Xunzi.

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“Confucianism is Known as the Way”

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The three major thinkers represented in ancient philosophy writings by teaching in the Confucian school. The thinkers were referred as Ru in chinese, meaning that ultimately came to symbolize people whom we now call Confucians in English. An aspect of Confucian teaching was the belief that the traditional forms of Zhou Dynasty society represented the cumulative Dao, of a series of sage rulers, and Confucian training groups conveyed to students the ideas of main Confucian educators.

Confucius was known as a political thinker, a thinker, and the founder of Ru School of Chinese thought. Of all Chinese philosophers, he was known as the most studied in the West. Some that desire to gain knowledge of the Chinese Way of thinking would start with Confucius. Confucius’s way of thinking gradually made its way over to Europe. He was pronounced to be a sage, and one of the greatest sages by Mencius.

Throughout his life, Confucius grew up in Lu, a north-eastern state of China. Confucius is viewed upon as the first philosophical thinker in China Some think that his thought was far too disorganized to be called philosophy. It is very true that he was the earliest Chinese thinker to articulate a logical moral observation. Confucius trained young men with other visions in mind, he has hoped his work as a teacher would have far reaching political outcomes.

Compared to Confucius, Mencius thoughts on the idea of ethics reached further into political domains. Often referred to as the “Second Sage” of Confucianism, Mencius is well known for his idea that human nature is good. Mencius lived throughout the second half of the Zhou dynasty, a time of great social and intellectual ferment. One of Mencius’s most powerful views was his list of four ethical dispositions, which he treats as what Western ethicists would call cardinal virtues. Those were benevolence , righteousness, wisdom, and propriety. Each of the four virtues is related to characteristic emotional or motivational attitude.

Xunzi, along with Confucius and Mencius, was one of the greatest early architects of Confucian philosophy. Xunzi is remembered for his belief that ritual is crucial for reforming humanity’s original nature. He paid particular attention on humanity’s part in creating the roles and practices of an orderly society. He asl gave a much smaller role to Heaven or Nature as a source of order. Although his thought was later reviewed to be outside of Confucian orthodoxy, it was still very powerful in China and remains a source of attention today. Xunzi is significant for having the most rationalistic vision of Heaven and the supernatural in the early period. Unlike other philosophers, Xunzi did not believe Heaven gets involved in human affairs.

After Confucius’s death, his followers continued to spread his teaching by taking on students of their own. This is one way the Confucian School began to keep alive over the years of the Classical period. Confucian teachings were passed down from leaders to followers who studied together in groups. These groups viewed themselves as part of a well-defined movement to change people’s ideas, behavior, and create a new society. Confucianism means a lot to China, and also the whole world as well. In 1988, 75 Nobel prizewinners said that if mankind is to survive it must go back 25 centuries in time to tap the wisdom of Confucius. Today, Confucianism is frequently quoted by foreign members in their speeches or talks.

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