Most Logical Philosophy

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Confucianism is evidently the most logical philosophy to be used as the official belief system of the State, as it is superior to other systems and would cause the government to function well. Confucianism is a belief system revolving around the ideas of Confucius, an extremely influential ancient Chinese teacher, editor, philosopher, and politician who lived from 551 to 479 BC. Unlike other people who made breakthroughs in religion, Confucius did not focus so much on religious matters such as salvation. He instead developed a philosophy, that focused on worldly goals, especially emphasizing social order and a good government. He believed in five key relationships that revolved around the idea that harmony resulted when people accepted their place in society. He generally focused on people’s place and role in society, as he believed in establishing a stable government, which is why his system of beliefs would be the best way to run an effective government.

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“Most Logical Philosophy”

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Confucius believed that if the government were to be stable, the members of society would have to have some sort of social stability between themselves. He believed that harmony resulted when people accepted and fulfilled their role in society. He preached the idea of five key relationships: father to son, elder brother to younger brother, husband to wife, ruler to subject, and friend to friend. Confucius believed that social hierarchies existed between all people besides between friends. Confucius believed that everyone had different social responsibilities based on their social status. He believed in the general rule that superiors must care for their inferiors and set a good example, and inferiors owe loyalty and obedience to their superiors.

For example, a woman’s duty was to ensure the stability of the home, promote harmony, and be obedient to her husband. He believed that correct behavior would lead to order and stability among people.

Confucius ranked filial piety, or respect for parents, above any other duty. Confucius’s main principles include honesty, hard work, and concern for others. He preached the famous moral: Do not do to others, what you do not wish yourself. All of these morals and ideas stack up to establish the stability between the general population.

Many of Confucius’s teachings revolve around the idea of a good leader, and this is, along with the key relationships, is something that separates Confucianism from other belief systems, as it does not rely primarily, or at all, on superstition. It instead solely focuses on how to establish and maintain stability and order within a society. Confucius believed that a ruler had the responsibility to provide good government, and in return, people would be respectful and loyal subjects. He believed that the best ruler is one who preaches by good example. Confucius urged rulers to be well educated, as that is what separates men. He always encouraged rulers to speak with and take advice from wise, educated men.

Confucianism is the perfect belief system to input into a government because its teachings are great in helping establish good relationships between the common people, through the five key relationships. It taught and provided useful morals for becoming a successful ruler. To put it all together, Confucianism shows how to make a connection between the people and the rulers themselves. Confucianism, unlike other belief systems, does not solely or in part focus on religion or superstition to preach its ideas, and instead teaches how to develop an effective government and establish connections between people, which is why it is the best belief system for the government.

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