Mencius and Others on Human Nature

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Mencius is best known as the teacher for knowledge and wisdom he explains the problems how we work on issues. Mencius explains the moral sense that makes human suffering. Mencius explains the good and bad life. We live in a cold world when become more selfish and unhappy suffering, pain. Mencius developed the concept of human nature for example The Confucian way the righteousness out of the righteousness and anyone would have an immediate no reflective out reaction Benevolence. Mencius said all people possess within them moral sense that cannot bear the suffering of others. He explains people do not like to suffer or they want to feel loved. Mencius said everyone possesses four moral senses that possess their four limbs. People who lack a moral sense of right or wrong could not be a person. Some people do not know their wrongs accuse others on their wrongs (

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“Mencius and Others on Human Nature”

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Mencius explained how people reacted to nature good for bad the fact that we can become bad is not a defect in our natural endowment. Some men possess a sense of right and wrong. The sense of commiseration. Because Mother Nature is not easy, things change and things will never be perfect. Mencius explained some men possess a sense of commiseration because men possess a sense of shame. Men do not show emotions when they make mistakes and they hide their emotions because of their egos. Men are prideful and they have big egos.

Mencius said about the harvests have been good, most young men are lazy, I believe to be true in years when the harvests fail most vicious. Time went by and everything changes for the worst not the same any more. Mencius points make sense to me this is not a matter of Tian endowing men differently; it is whether circumstances have entrapped their hearts (

Mencius explained the substance of humanity and the of wisdom because the substance of awareness of these two. Mencius defends a conception of the good life and not anyone would have an immediate non-reflective out reaction. Mencius examples make sense to me, for example, those things that people can do without studying comprise their inherent abilities. That which they know without reflection is known inherently. Mencius talked about humanity now these generations have change children are trained to respect their parents or elders in the right way. Their humanity is all that need to be done to extend them throughout the world (

Mencius is serious with his philosophical work rests very largely on the intellectual quality of this proof. I believe that Mencius’s goal is to find a single, strong non-self-regarding impulse that could be used to understand the universal and unmediated by any cognitive act of reference to external moral standards. Mencius explains the component of natural heart or mind will refute the mohist claim that there is no tian- endowed barrier to adopting the counter-intuitive. Mencius talked about rational imperatives of universality and action choice by rational calculus (

I learned from reading about Mencius teach you about humanity and wisdom. His word of wisdom how we handle people and the world, human nature is not easy as we plan it, we only count on God he knows best. Human cannot control nature and we work on problems and be grateful for what we have. Mencius lesson expresses how human behavior and why they act that way. There is good people and bad people in the world; it depends on what people we chose in our life by choice.

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