Confucius was a Prominent Person

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Confucius was a prominent person to whom Chinese regarded as an educator, editor, elected official, and theorist. There were many teachers at those moments, but he was always at the top (Confucianism 154). He was devoted to emphasizing on personal along with legislative morality, the rightness of community relationships, integrity and honesty. The followers were competing productively with various schools throughout Hundred Schools of Thought. Confucius’s principle established a community that fought for their human rights and enriched the whole of Chineses communities (Confucianism 154). They focused on monotheistic religion where they believed that every man and woman are all the same regardless of their faith or races. Humanity for all was their primary focus on their religion. On page 162, the book shows that there were no laws and everybody did what was right.

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“Confucius was a Prominent Person”

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The doctrine was set apart as a structure of social and moral philosophy as opposed to the religion. It was built on an ancient religious basis to institute the social beliefs, association along with inspirational ideas of Chinese humanity. Confucianism community was to live performing three principal duties which were working, prayers and giving. Confucius was advocating for the independence of people from the oppression of government which had taken over their land and led them helpless he tried to convince people to seek freedom for their rights despite the mistreatment they faced from the government. The religion duty of calling for harmony and peace was the major event. There was violence between the religions which broke down the heart since the Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs which lead to thousands of people homeless. Gandhi’s dream was for all Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and all Christians in India to live in unity without viewing of each other differences in beliefs and culture.

Confucius faced the problem of social anarchy (p. 156) although he advocated for the civil rights and was solely focused on the movement of the fight for religious harmony since there was a spiritual imbalance. He did everything in his power to make sure religion was in action. These diverse events facilitated differences in eastern and western regions. For instance, the characteristic feature in the east of religions was grounded on the point that the religions focus more on values.

Different beliefs within the eastern society believe that every man and woman are all the same regardless of their faith. Humanity for all is their primary focus on their religion. Most of the world’s religious communities believe in that there is only one God and everyone can directly have access to God also they thought that their lives were centered around serving God and living honestly among each other and taking good care of the members of the community. Also, they believed that God lived in everyone even to those who were wicked which meant that anyone had the choice of change.

Confucius loved to be with people and everything he did he included them in various activities such as dining, drinking and singing among others (p. 157). He was the most famous person in the act of spreading nonviolence message among the people. He had taken a role of fighting for independence and was terrified by the violence that broke between different religions. He was advocating for the liberation of people from the oppression of which had taken over their land and led them helpless he tried to convince people to seek freedom for their rights despite the mistreatment they faced from the government.

His duty of calling for harmony and peace was the major event that led him to involved in the government of the Lu state. There was violence between the religions which broke down his heart since Qi decided to sabotage Lu’s reforms. Some of the followers felt that his calling for peace and harmony was preventing them from fighting for their self-defense which in return made them feel the need to leave both his post and the Lu state.

His religion differed with Taoism which was a Chinese philosophy that is endorsed to Lao Tzu (c. 500 BCE). It took part in the establishment of the folk religion of the individuals mainly within the urban parts of China and later became the certified religion of the nation under the Dynasty of Tang. It is associated with philosophy and theology. Taoism differs with Abrahamic religions because they do not have a God as other believers.

They do not believe in any omnipotent being above the cosmos, who they think made controls the creation. Moreover, the religions within the Eastern parts were carried out in India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China. Nevertheless, the Western religions were situated in the Americas and Europe. It was universal to come across believers from the eastern or western nations that undertake religions from the crossways of the world. The Eastern religions comprised of Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. On the other hand, Western religions contain Protestantism, Christianity, Evangelicalism, Puritanism, Catholicism, and Judaism. The Eastern religions are regarded as polytheistic whereas Western religions are known as monotheistic.

Confucius advocated that, regardless of the religion, everybody was supposed to access his or her religious and civil rights. He was fighting for peace and harmony among the different faiths who had different views and believes even though he also fought for their independence they felt the need to stay distinct from each other beliefs. He fought for the civil rights of his people and also the freedom to the oppressed poor people. Fight for peace and harmony was a primary key to all human beings problems where there was harmony, Confucius reminded people that they could relate with each other efficiently hence civil right can be solved easily in light of unity for all races despite the differences in skin color, religion or cultural practices.

Confucius significantly contributed to the sociology of religion whereby he advocated for his theory that explained sincerely the components that formed religious. He said that religion was merely created by two major part that is sacred which he said was composed of rites, religious beliefs and deities theses aspects coordinates which each to give religion more full extension to its followers whereby people hold firmly to these aspects of religion. The other part was profane which he said was composed of each day practical activities which are the worldly things which are not connected in any form with sacred aspects. The holy and the profane characters coordinate with each other to support religion in the everyday activities of a believer.

Also according to Confucius, religious beliefs and religious rites help a believer to be able to earn honor and respect in society by following them without wavering. This factors unit people in society towards sacred things, beliefs are kinds of conviction that are supported by believers and disowned by non-believers.

He contributed significantly in giving a different point of view from people’s perspective of religion. Confucius looked religion globally whereby he compared and contrasted different forms of worship. He was based on the relationship between social change and religion, whereby he said that what people believed changed they behaved socially and emotionally, he referred Christianity as salvation religion hence people escaped from daily life torments hoping for the afterlife which is free from suffering and pains.

Confucius claimed that religion was a source of strength. He enabled people to accept their struggling life situation’s no matter how bad they were and driven by the postponement of rewards and happiness in the awaited afterlife. He clarified that religion was a form of aspect that helps people go through their life process by following beliefs and rites of worship.

He established that faith is deeply rooted in the hope of a better afterlife where there are rewards for good work done on a day to day life processes and endless happiness after daily torments in ordinary life. Believing in religious beliefs and rites towards scared objects creates a strong foundation for a believer since they shape one to a sound being in day to day life. His belief contrasted with Judaism which was among the oldest monotheistic religions and its followers considered themselves as the chosen ones of God. He differed with the point that they were examples of holiness along with ethical values to the world. Confucius believed that moral values and treating others well were the primary basis of religions.

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