Conflict that Breeds Poverty

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The scale and conditions of poverty are among the most social pressing issues facing millions of people worldwide. Over 36 million people in the U.S. are living in poverty, and 54 million others are at the risk of falling into poverty (Brady, 2019). Living in less than 2 million dollars every day feels like an impossible mission, but in reality, more than 600 million people worldwide live in abject poverty. In essence, approximately 8 percent of the world population lives in poverty (World US Concern, 2020). The most challenging thing for the world's leaders is how they could eradicate poverty and alleviate people's lives. It is not a simple task that can be achieved overnight but within our lifetimes. However, in the process of finding an amicable solution to increasing poverty rates, it is also imperative to understand its causes. while world leaders and international organizations have been busy in finding solutions to poverty, understanding its cause would be an ideal step in dealing with the menace. Inequality, conflict and lack of education are all very key factors that are causing an increase of poverty.

Inequality is a term used to describe systemic barriers that hinder people or certain groups from accessing public resources. The marginalized groups or communities find it hard to air their grievances or acquire public resources meant to transform their lives. Gender inequality has prevailed for a while, and women fight it tough to compete with men in running public offices or leading in any forums. Gender inequality has barred women from participating in economic and social activities. Besides, a large portion of people has been marginalized based on race. Some of these communities are stripped from taking part in decision-making processes. Moreover, these communities have little or no access to the necessary resources needed to uplift their lives.

Conflict is one of the significant causes of poverty today. Countries engulfed with violence like Syria have suffered so many losses through infrastructure destruction and fleeing people from the nation. Reports indicated that people fleeing from violent countries often carry nothing but their clothes, leaving all their properties behind. For instance, the Syrian war destroyed all middle class, and almost 80 percent of the population lives in abject poverty (World US Concern, 2020). Moreover, violence has effects even to the struggling communities. For example, if farmers are worried about the outbreak of war or chaos, they will not invest in planting.

Not everyone without education is living in poverty, but a large number of poor people lack quality education. Numerous barriers prevent people from accessing education, such as lack of money to pay school fees, buy uniforms and books, and other essentials (World US Concern, 2020). Discrimination against girls in different parts of the world has hindered them from accessing the required knowledge to support themselves. Lack of adequate education has subjected so many girls and women into poverty. Ideally, education is regarded as key to life since it can open the door to jobs and apply the acquired information and skills to further their lives. According to the research conducted by UNESCO, over 171 million people could be lifted from poverty if they had the necessary skills needed to carry out jobs.

Poverty is one of the most troubling challenges affecting the world at the moment. Living in poverty is not an easy thing, so leaders and international organizations should find an amicable solution to the problem. The poverty rate is increasing every day, and if the right measures are not introduced, the rates will continue rising. The most significant step in dealing with poverty is first by understanding its causes. If the relevant bodies and organizations could consider some of the listed causes, in the near future, the world can record a remarkable decline in poverty rates. 

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