The Difficulties Associated with those in Poverty

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Those who are financially stable do not understand how people who are in poverty are living their everyday lives. Some who are stable often pretend to ignore the struggling group that is making an appearance in society; invisible to the world around them (Eichstedt 27). Families and friends living on the streets are obtaining illnesses and have no opportunity to get a job with a proper wage. The one organization they believed they could turn to was the SSI. Unfortunately, all they accomplished was discovering that the SSI raised the prices of hospitals, so copious amounts of people were unable to get the help they need and desire (Causes 28). In 1995, around 37 million residents in America suffered from poverty because it was in their everyday lives (National 15). The cycle of Poverty is difficult for people to escape because the poor have been overlooked by the government, they have been treated unfairly by those who are not in Poverty, and they have sometimes been unable to keep a job because of an untreated illness.

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“The Difficulties Associated with those in Poverty”

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Around one-third of those who are living without a home are recognized to be a person who has served our country (National 12). The media, as well as the government, believed that poverty would blow over in time. But the homeless population is increasing and it is portraying to other countries that one of the wealthiest countries is incapable of supporting its citizens (16). Recent communities attempted to help by making a poverty line, they instead ended up making things worse for them. Those who are in poverty lost the shelter that they once owned because they were said to have had too much money to have a subsidy. They end up losing those subsidies because they are said to get paid too much but end up not being able to afford an apartment because it is ten times the cost (Bacon 76).

Those who are poor are found invisible to the world and treated unfairly; and those in our society have been cruel and unhelpful. They have even said that they are being called criminals as well as garbage compared to others (Eichstedt 28). The ability for people in poverty to work for a substantial living wage is unavailable to most of them. When you check the scarcity of jobs in the United States, there is no problem shown there. It just ends up being the fact that people are known to be in poverty and haven’t been able to get a job (Causes 25). Many people in poverty who have the ability to get a job usually work for long periods of time, no breaks, and they still do not get a payment equal to their quality and quantity of work

(Bacon 72).

Many people have been discussing whether poverty is the cause or effect of an illness. Having financial difficulties makes it harder to treat or deal with the current illness that certain people may have, mental or otherwise. Some of those illnesses give them the inability to take care of themselves (Harper 65). When these people are living on the streets because of an illness, they are misunderstood and unable to hold a job. Since they are in this state, seeking a mental hospital is unavailable to them because of location, trust, and cost (Causes 28). Families are out there on the streets with an inability to live a proper life. Those children that the families have are more likely to obtain an illness on the streets than the parents themselves. Since they are still young their immunization to certain diseases is non-existent. The health conditions when living on the streets are substandard and increase the opportunity for the children to get a possible chronic illness (Homeless 64).

It is difficult to escape the never-ending cycle of poverty because the government hasn’t seen poverty on the other side, they are treated like trash, can only get low wage jobs, and they are unable to find proper help at a hospital for low prices. Poverty is in our lives even if we aren’t the people experiencing it. Others will always see people in poverty differently than those who are not. Also, hospital prices will keep rising and the proper treatment will be unavailable for so many people who need it (Causes 28). The inability to do things such as affording a home, keeping or obtaining a job, and supporting your family, are making those in poverty suffer. Those who have faith and hope are finding a way to get through the struggle. Denise, a woman who was trapped within poverty once said, I don’t believe there’s no way on this earth that I could have did this without Him. God played a big role in our lives (Help 95-96).

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