Lower Class Citizens Suffering with Poverty in America

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In America, what are the causes of lower class citizens dealing with poverty? For centuries, lower class citizens have drastically gone through struggles of poverty because they lack the necessary needs of nourishment, clothing, and sheltering. It begins at the lower part of the socio-economic hierarchy which many people and families are suffering through devastating times in America. In detail, poverty has been a very difficult issue to solve that it’s worrisome to lower class citizens, and it’s not enough support to help them get back on their feet. On the other hand, there are non-profit organizations that help with the needy, giving back to the communities, and aiding to find jobs which are variety of programs. There are three main causes of poverty that are in fact a huge problem today; economic inequality, lack of education, and cost of living.

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“Lower Class Citizens Suffering with Poverty in America”

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In addition, the cause of economic inequality towards low-class citizens that are working is due to a low-income bracket which families are suffering to get by financially. The reasoning behind this is because small wage jobs aren’t paying enough to sustain a better living. People that work for certain companies are being laid-off due to improper management, and lack of money to continue the company business, which can lead to bankruptcy. Companies are cutting back due to healthcare reform which is expensive, and difficult to afford. Also, there is a gender gap between men and women who have certain gross in income, which women in the U.S make less than men. Jobs rather choose perfect candidates with more education experience to get the perfect job opportunity than other people who have less education for the job. It shows that with unsustainable ability to deal with low ended jobs or trying to get the perfect paying job will lead into bad circumstances of living.

Another cause of poverty towards lower class citizens in America is lack of education. The reason there are fewer people pursuing an education is because of negative financial burdens that are preventing people from getting a career. Among children, teenagers, and adult’s times are worsening with negative circumstances that can lead into difficult situations. Demographics in areas of schools, such as community colleges and universities are becoming more expensive that low-income families can’t afford to pay. Parents are lead into bad financial hardships, which puts a hold on their children’s future of wanting to go to college and getting the best education they need to get into a job field. People who go through traumatic experiences with problems at home can lead to dropping out of school. There is lack of ambition for people not attempting to get the substantial needs to get greater opportunities in education to become financially successful. It shows that with less education to pursue the needs of getting the perfect job, financial issues and circumstances can prevent people from going to school.

A third cause of poverty is the cost of living in America. The reasoning for this issue is because it’s steady rising more, which there aren’t good enough paying jobs, lack of adversity to keep up financially, and not being able to move to possible job opportunities that are paying well, by striving to keep your residence and home. People have lack of family support to help them financially that it can lead to dysfunctions and homelessness. Also, people who work small wage jobs aren’t getting by as much due to lack of job promotions, pay raises, and advancements which may cause the worker to resign. Living expenses with housing are extremely high, that people can’t afford to pay for rent, property taxes, and mortgages. Grocery bills are going up, which low-income families struggle with to keep government assistance, such as food stamps. If people do not keep up with it, they will lose eligibility which can lead to paying out-of-pocket for food cost. It shows that in America dealing with worst circumstances in the places people live in can bring more failure in life.

In conclusion, to understand the main causes of poverty, such as economic inequality, lack of education, and cost of living are the most hidden issues that people struggle with in America. While there aren’t possibilities to recover these ongoing issues, things can worsen due to lack of resources of technology, maintaining a low ended job, keeping a sustainable home, and dealing with outrages of expenses that people cannot afford. It shows that in society of unsolved issues creates more problems in America towards low-class citizens.

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