Mina and Lucy in Dracula: Compare and Contrast

According to the book, Dracula was composed amid the late nineteenth century and is generally delegated an awfulness book by Bram Stoker. Facilitate examination notwithstanding, has uncovered the covered images and topics of sexuality that the book holds inside it. Because of its female sexual imagery, the book draws the consideration of for the most […]

Healthcare in the United States

Healthcare in the United States over the years encountered challenges of how to modify a system that provided affordable healthcare coverage for all its citizens. Over this period, one question that remained a dilemma was whether health care was a right or a privilege for the citizens of the United States. However, the uncertainty surrounding […]

What Is Compare And Contrast Essay?

The goal of this type of assignment is to study several objects, phenomena, people or other things, comparing them one to each other, and defining what similar and distinctive features each subject has. Thus, in this work, a student is required to point out to by which characteristics the two or more subjects are alike, different, or both and provide logical pieces of evidence that prove each of these ideas. This is a common assignment for school and college students.

Structure Of The Compare And Contrast Essay

The general structure is similar to any other type of essay and consists of three main parts. These are an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Find a brief explanation of each section below.
An introduction is aimed to get the readers familiar with your topic, make a hook to grab their attention and give a clear thesis statement. The intro is followed by the body part. In the main part of your work, you should not only provide the results of your matching of several objects but also provide supporting arguments that clarify each point you make to the reader. The final part of your paper is a conclusion.
Here is a good example of an outline for such paper:


  • A hook;
  • Background of the research;
  • Thesis;

2.Body part:

  • First object (topic sentence; argument; conclusion);
  • Second object (topic sentence; argument; conclusion);


  • Restated thesis;
  • Summary of the paper;
  • Concluding sentence.

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