Oil Companies and Oil Spill

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This oil spill has been quietly leaking millions of barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico ever since 2004. To put that into perspective, 2004 is when George W Bush was still the worst president in American history.

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“Oil Companies and Oil Spill”

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Taylor energy has been accused of trying to keep the spill a secret, and is trying to get out of paying more cleanup costs. The sad part is that the only reason we know about the Taylor oil spill is because someone stumbled on it while monitoring the BP oil spill. Seriously! We only know about this oil spill because of another oil spill? No one notices the Taylor oil spill because it’s a disaster taking place over a long period of time… Like Carmelo Anthony’s Career.

Unfortunately oil spills like Taylor energy are not the exception they are the rule. Offshore oil spills happen all the time. If you watch a time lapse of oil spills in the gulf of Mexico between 2010 and 2015, there are are nearly 10 thousand of them. It’s like watching the Gulf of Mexico get Chlamydia… And here’s the terrifying part oil spills are going to keep on happening because the US is producing more oil than ever. In 2018 the United States jumped from the third largest oil producer to number 1 in oil production. Congratulations America!! We are now number one in prison population, Healthcare cost, defense spending, and we have the biggest gaps in bathroom stalls, Seriously. Other countries don’t do this. It’s creepy.

I agree that oil is required for many of the things we do but that doesn’t mean we keep burning through it like its an NFL rookies salary.

And until the Obama Administration the oil export ban of 1975 was still in effect. But even as the Obama Administration prioritized wind and solar, Obama also signed off on lifting the oil export ban which allowed for even more oil production.

Now as storms intensify and sea levels rise, oil companies in Texas have asked DJT to protect their infrastructure. Oil companies are asking for protection from the climate change they helped create. We are basically subsidizing and deregulating oil companies So they can produce more oil, which fuels climate change, Which exacerbates weather events like hurricanes, Which causes more oil spills like Taylor energy And now they want government infrastructure to protect their infrastructure from the against the climate change as they helped create, so they can produce more oil. What is the life cycle of death And here’s the kicker even if we did extract all of our oil we literally couldn’t not use it all. And I don’t mean literally like when your friends like I’m literally starving we should go to brunch. I mean if we literally burned all of the world’s Fossil fuel Reserves, It would rise the temperature so much the planet would be unlivable. We need to remember that this isn’t just a problem it’s a problem with a deadline. Reports by the UN state that if we do not reduce our carbon emissions by the year 2030 it will be too late. At the current warming rate Millions more will die from extreme heat by the year 2040. Although it may not seem like it 2040 is not that far away and most of us will still be paying off our student loans. And this isn’t just about temperatures rising, climate change will exacerbate every problem we have from famine to overcrowding to infrastructure problems, disease and War.

It’s one thing to feel bad about not recycling, but it’s another thing to realize that none of it actually matters If the fossil fuel industry and the government are undercutting everything that we do.

In article 5 of the constitution it gives all citizens the right to life liberty and property. The government is undermining this very right. Today people/kids even are suing the the government for violating these rights. We should not have to sue for the right to be alive. We should only have to sue for normal American things like not getting into Harvard.

The real question is why why is the government of the United States subsidizing companies that are undermining our way of life? The government’s job is to serve the people not get lobbied by oil companies.

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