The Author Behind this Cartoon is Pulitzer Prize-winning Adam Zyglis.

He works as an editorial cartoonist for Buffalo news, as well as a freelancer on the side. During Zyglis’ high school career, he began illustrating editorial cartoons for his school’s newspaper. Once he graduated high school he began work at the Griffin. Griffin is a subscribable newspaper for Canisius College Honers, which is where he attended. Consequently, at the simple age of 22, he became part of the cartoonist staff at Buffalo Newspaper.

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“The Author Behind this Cartoon is Pulitzer Prize-winning Adam Zyglis.”

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Zyglis has a big heart for issues that he is passionate about and illustrates them beautifully. He has been said to have the endowment to connect powerful, multilayered messages through his art with morsel words. His cartoons are detail-oriented and illustrate what he feels, regardless if it is republican or democrat. In the women’s hand, she is holding a check and balance symbol with various cases inside of it. On top is the Nunes memo, which used to be known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Nunes memo exposes the alleged abuses from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Leading up to the release of the memo many were quick to request the memo not to come out because of the consequences that could result, simply because it could be “misleading”.

The next name on the stack is Andrew McCabe, he served as Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation before he was abruptly fired by President Donald Trump. The main cause leading to his removal was when he investigated Trump’s campaign ties to Russia. The last name at the bottom of the stack is James Comey, who served as the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Comey was eliminated because he was leading the investigation regarding whether or not if the Trump administration had been in cahoots with Russia.

But most importantly, the cartoon does beyond an adequate job of invoking disgust into the audience regarding sexual assault. There is a woman displayed holding a #MeToo poster. She appears to be stepped on and blindfolded. The footprints on her are a symbol of a lack of respect, she is a model for all of the women who have been failed by the rule of law. The rule of law implies that everyone is subject to our constitution, and everyone should be treated as equal. By displacing the women on a podium that says “rule of law” she is declaring that she is attempting to stand up for the Me Too movement.

The sensation of dejection lingers with this cartoon because our president Donald Trump is creating a sense of normalcy by casually talking about the neglected woman. The cartoon dives in and exhibits a Donald Trump speaking to an elephant (GOP) about the woman as if it is normal as if the issue of sexual harassment is minuscule. This cartoon exemplifies a controversial subject; sexual harassment, and how it affects our citizenry. In today’s society, we are more exposed to controversial situations and in this essay, we will explore both sides of the argument if sexual assault is normalized and how it affects several million people’s lives.

This political cartoon shows the false dilemma logical fallacy because it defines an oversimplification of the actual issue itself. It presents a complex issue, with two distinctively different views on the situation. This cartoon also demonstrates anecdotal evidence, because everyone in the MeToo movement’s cases is based on personal experience, all of the evidence is collected solely based on individuals’ testimony. In brief, the cartoon explores many controversial issues including abuse of power but primarily focuses on sexual misconduct and how it goes away so blindly. The cartoon leaves the question pondering as to why this is happening in our world.

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