Climate Change and its Impact

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Climate change, It’s endangering us and everything around us. According to National Geographic, a glacier the size of california and alaska is heading towards us as I am typing this right now, and if climate change is not stopped we could all be in grave danger. According to National geographic, the record for the warmest year in 2015 which was recordly broken in 2016, Temperature has rose 1.69 degrees fahrenheit warmer since the 20th century average,the amount of ice we’ve lost has a very big recorded mass (National Geographic),additionally. In 2010, the world produced nearly 34 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel burning, cement production, and gas flaring which has made lasting impacts on the earth's ozone layer(EPA). Global sea level rose about 8 inches in the last century but The rate in the last two decades has nearly doubled that of the last century and is accelerating slightly every year(NASA). Additionally since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the acidity of the ocean waters has increased by about 30 %,This increase is because of humans emitting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and and because of that more being absorbed into the oceans(NASA). The amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by the upper layer of the oceans is increasing by about 2 billion tons per year But in the end it's our fault that climate change is as bad as it is and if it isn't slowed down we could all be in grave danger.

Now, It's time to stop talking about climate change,it's time to talk about the causes.I think climate change could be stopped and or be controlled to the point where we wouldn't have to worry about it,we all just have to find a plan and stick to it. Greenhouse gases are one of the biggest causes for climate change,they are destroying our environment,burning fossil fuels (etc) release bad toxins into the air(Scientific American). Additionally another big factor to climate change being as bad as it is is because of volcanoes, when volcanoes erupt tons of sulfur dioxide and ash that gets released into the air when it erupts(north carolina climate office).Also another cause of climate change is that The earth makes one full orbit around the sun each year. It is tilted at an angle of 23.5° to the perpendicular plane of its orbital path. Changes in the tilt of the earth can lead to small but climatically important changes in the strength of the seasons, more tilt means warmer summers and colder winters less tilt means consumers and milder winter(climate change challenge).Lastly it's going to be hard to stop the slow down climate change and make it a smaller issues because of all of the toxic chemicals being released into the air and polluting everything around us.

Now even though climate change is a large issue there are some ways to decrease the issue to where is isn't endangering our lives and putting us all at risk of danger or even worse.. In my opinion,it would be pretty difficult to make a switch and stop using all of these bad toxins because there are so many people and they might not be willing to make a change and forget about using gas,coal(etc) and use some other renewable resources .One way to prevent or slow down climate change is that companies to find other renewable energies sources to use in their factories other than burning oil coal and other toxic chemicals,additionally homes across the world could make a switch other than using gas for their everyday activities in their home, and lastly something else that you could do is sell your car that using gasoline and buy an electric power efficient car, additionally another way to decrease climate change is that you could move closer to work or just walk or get some exercise and ride your bike on the way to school or work (Biello). Ultimately burning fossil fuels is really hurting the environment and there needs to be a restriction and there needs to be something done about this matter.


Ultimately climate change is big and its among us, we have multiple threats coming our way if climate change isn't slowed down, it's dangering our economy,our environment and all of our wildlife and the plants around us and most certainly humankind and it could be the end of everything as we know it.

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