Speech on Business and Climate Change

Sustainable Business and Sustainable Development: A Drive to A Clean Energy Future

Ladies and gentlemen, all protocols observed, good morning? Thank you for the warm welcome. It is a pleasure, and humbling experience for me stands before you today talking about a move towards a clean energy future for our country. This speech could not have come at a better time than this. There are substantial opportunities ahead for Australian business organizations, but this cannot be realized with also some hiccups. In this road to destiny, there are some fundamental challenges that continue to stand in our way. That is why call upon all stakeholders more so business leaders to think strategically about the future generations. Climate change is real and should concern any focused business leader. We have to base our economic success on sustainability. Business managers must lead the path to green energy and high-tech economy. This is the secret to success in the modern world. But before I get into the details, it is wise for me to touch the developments in the increasingly globalized economy, more so those that have concerned the public airwaves in contemporary days.

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“Speech on Business and Climate Change”

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Economic facet

The Australian economy is set for a takeoff and consequently, outdoes its global counter parts in few years. But for this to be realized, we must get our acts together. The world economy is undergoing through turbulent times. For example for the U.S growth for the first quarter of the year has from bad to worst. The United States and other European economies are undergoing a healthy process to cut debt levels and return the economy to sustainability, we recently, so the Greece economy on its knees. Unemployment remains to be high in many developed economies. Though in Australia we are not there, we should be concerned because we are not immune to the same. This is so despite our fundamentals being strong. Our unemployment levels are low. The strengthening of economies in our region particularly in Japan and China should act to encourage us on how best to manage our economy. We just cannot afford to squander our moment of glory.

Carbon Price

The Clean Energy Future package that was released the other day, particularly last month, was a product of extensive public participation more so with business leaders. Climate change with business is something that we should encourage regarding debate and action. For us to succeed in addressing the shortfalls of climate change we should focus more on both prevention and mitigation strategies.

As we address developmental needs, we must also concern ourselves with environmental needs. It is through engaging in sustainable development programs that we can remain competitive in our various businesses. This is what will drive a new industrial revolution.  In our country it can be done; Germany and Denmark have done it in the area of green energy. Also, China is driving the agenda by setting strategic plans for the next five years in matters Carbon dioxide regulation. Unlocking innovation is another strategy for countering climate change.


One thing is clear in my mind, both the short and long policies that will be implemented by the stakeholders including business leaders, in time it will be realized that our decision to put a cap on the price on carbon pollution will not only prove to be essential but is also necessary. Renewable energy and generational carbon industry will provide new employment opportunities to our citizens.

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