Climate Change Social Issue

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International trade and welfare has been affected by many ways. Climate change is one of the most influential way which affects the international trade and welfare. Environmental plays a vital role in climate change which will be discussed below. An important aspect of regional climate change is soil moisture level. An alteration of soil moisture occured when the temperature increases and changed of weather patterns which is important for agriculture and ecosystems. It will have a huge impact on food production, water supply and quality and utilization of land for the travel industry and leisure. (PRI, 2014) Decreased soil dampness is additionally connected to expanded danger of wildfires, and the weakness of species to irritations and sickness.

Climate change has already increased the frequency of flooding and coastline. The ocean has warmed and melted the land ice into the oceans which driven sea level up about seven inches since 1900 due to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere today will continuously happen in future. (Central, 2018) Moreover, coastal habitats will be affected due to the ascension of sea level as it is functional to protect human settlements from flooding. Climate change may lead to a 100% to 400% increase in erosion rate, compared with the current rate. Therefore, agricultural land lost due to costal erosion in England and Wales. The countries major cities such as Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth have to confront with the storm surges that able to flow inland.

Besides, the changes of soil organic carbon will be affected as well. Soil organic carbon is a quantifiable segment of soil organic matter. Organic matter decomposes more slowly as temperatures decrease which will reduce the function of ecosystem. It made up with 2-10% of most soil’s mass that can provide the nutrients and water to plants and release greenhouse gases. The increases of carbon dioxide due to climate change is possibly to rise the temperature that cause the decrements of soil organic carbon. During the rainfall, soil organic matter increases than farming system as the rainfall supports greater plant growth that effect the organic matter to be congregate in soil. (“Agriculture and Food”, n.d.)

Secondly, there are a lot of social consequences which are affected severely through climate change. Factors such as human health, agriculture and food security, water supply and transportation and others are related to the society. (“Impact on Society”, n.d.) Humans are not really aware of those consequences because it is affected slowly through time. One of the major affected category under social issues are health. Climate change affects human health because every living thing has adapt to certain climate and when the climate changes severely, living things could not get along with it. Higher temperature, malnourished due to difficulty on food supplies, and disease brought by the flooding are more sensitive to children and the elderly in the sense of health issues. Moreover, animals and plants are also affected badly which causes changes in production patterns.

It is clearly stated that climate change affects the health sector but now we are already starting to grip the potential economic effects. Developing countries that do not significantly contribute the amount of greenhouse gases in atmosphere will be suffering from the climate change as they have to deal with other evolution as well. The country now forced to utilize their financial resources more on building sea walls, irrigation and storm water system instead of spending on other expenses. Many government reports raised that climate change will hit the country’s G.D.P severely. Climate change form a huge impact on every country’s natural environment and landscape which known as an assets of culture and tourism.

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